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8 Reasons Why Having Sex While Pregnant is Amazing


The thing on most pregnant women’s minds is sex. Will having sex while pregnant affect my baby? How will it affect me? Is pregnancy sex even safe? For most pregnant women, sex is amazing for you and your baby.

Having sex while pregnant offers a few health benefits during pregnancy, labor, and post-partum. From lowering blood pressure to having your first real orgasm, pregnancy sex is a must.

8 Reasons Why Having Sex While Pregnant is Amazing

1. Sex Lowers Your Blood Pressure

Did you know sex is a form of fantastic fitness? Studies have shown that sex is a form of moderate exercise, according to The New York Times. Sex also releases happy hormones that reduce stress and thus lower blood pressure.

High blood pressure during pregnancy is a cause for concern for pregnant women. Having sex while pregnant is a fun pregnancy hack for preeclampsia.

8 Reasons Why Having Sex While Pregnant is Amazing

2. Pregnancy Sex is Explorative

You have new curves and bigger breasts and may feel new sensations in new places. Having sex while pregnant allows you and your partner to explore that new body.

8 Reasons Why Having Sex While Pregnant is Amazing

3. Sex Boosts the Immunological Relationship

What is an immunological relationship, you may be asking? This is how your body responds to having a foreign object (your baby) in your body. Having sex while pregnant improve this relationship.

When pregnant, your immune system kicks into overdrive due to the presence of your baby. Semen from your partner has a protein called Human Leukocyte Antigen G. (HLA-G), which balances your body’s immune response during pregnancy. This may be another preeclampsia prevention tactic as well.

8 Reasons Why Having Sex While Pregnant is Amazing

4. Having Sex While Pregnant Increases Sensation

Your hormones are running wild, and so is your sex drive. This alone can increase that pleasurable sex sensation. But having sex while pregnant offers another tantalizing benefit. No condoms!

Protection can often numb the sensation of sex. But if you and your partner are STD-free, no glove . . . no problem. You can really get increased pleasure and not be worried about getting pregnant since you already are.

5. Sex Reduces Pregnancy Pain

If your pregnancy pain is serving up a bit of discomfort, sex may offer relief. Did you know that having sex while pregnant is the first time most women experience a true orgasm?

Your pregnancy orgasms release oxytocin, the “feel good” hormone, which reduces pain. This decrease in pain can be really beneficial if you’re in the throws of your third trimester.

8 Reasons Why Having Sex While Pregnant is Amazing

6. Do You Want Mind-Blowing Orgasms?

Having sex while pregnant may be the first real orgasm of your life. In fact, many women report having mind-blowing orgasms while pregnant.

This is especially notable for those in their second trimester.

8 Reasons Why Having Sex While Pregnant is Amazing

7. Having Sex While Pregnant Eases Labor

Do you want easier and faster labor? Most women do when feeling like they are birthing the spawn of Satan. Having sex while pregnant can certainly be one way to speed up and ease the labor transition.

Your partner’s semen has prostaglandins that dilate and make the cervix smoother, easing labor. Your oxytocin releasing orgasms during pregnancy sex also assists with contractions.

8 Reasons Why Having Sex While Pregnant is Amazing

8. Sex Speeds Post-Partum Recovery

Having sex while pregnant is an exercise, and this exercise strengthens your pelvic floor muscles. Similar to kegels, stronger pelvic muscles cause faster muscle healing and post-partum recovery.

Have you had some pregnancy bladder issues? Sex could assist in bladder control as well. That stronger pelvic floor can certainly keep you from a little embarrassing urination while pregnant.

What is the best reason for having sex while pregnant? It is hard to choose just one benefit. However, it is very important to talk to a doctor before throwing yourself into any awkward sex positions during pregnancy. Do you have any fun pregnancy sex stories to share?

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