8 Sex Positions During Pregnancy That Offer Healthy Benefits.



Many women, especially new moms, are scared to have sex during pregnancy. Pregnant women and their partners struggle to have safe sex during pregnancy. Not only is sex during pregnancy safe, but it can also offer several health benefits for you and your baby.

Some women may want to have sex during pregnancy, but it is hard to find the best position for sex with a baby bump. Finding the best sex position during pregnancy that is comfortable for you lets you enjoy the many health benefits of making love.

Safe sex during pregnancy may require professional advice. Ask a doctor online.

Is sex safe during pregnancy?

Sex is a great way to stay connected to your partner, release stress, and resolve insomnia during pregnancy. At the same time, many new parents may feel apprehensive about pregnancy sex. In a normal pregnancy, sex is completely safe. That is because your body is designed to protect your growing fetus.

Not only is your baby protected by your abdominal and uterine walls, but it also has an amniotic sac of fluid to cushion and provide protection. Your cervix also has a thick mucus plug to protect against infection.

While many say that sex is a great way to induce labor, sex will not induce labor before your baby is ready for a healthy pregnancy.

Sharing this information with your partner could positively spin your sex life during pregnancy. One study found that 80 percent of men worried about hurting the baby during the third trimester. The study suggested that this fear could impact not only the frequency of sexual activity but also sexual satisfaction.

Does pregnancy sex feel different? 

Just like every pregnancy is different, so is the experience of pregnancy sex. Some women may think that their vaginal muscles feel loose during pregnancy. This can be due to pregnancy hormones or increased lubrication.

Other women may experience discomfort during penetration. This could be due to increased sensitivity or a sign of another health issue. While it is important to include lots of foreplay to make sure your body is ready for intercourse, you also need to listen to your body. Ensure your healthcare provider is aware of any pain you are experiencing to be cleared of any possible medical conditions.

The benefits of sex during pregnancy

Many people may joke that parenthood signals the end of your sex life. While pregnancy may have been the goal of your previous lovemaking, it is also a great reason to have sweet sex during pregnancy.

  • Burning calories: Sex is one of the most exhilarating ways to get fit. You can burn 50 or more calories during a 30-minute session between the sheets.
  • Improved orgasms: Can you believe some women experience their first-ever, real orgasm during pregnancy sex? This is due to increased blood flow to the vaginal area. 
  • Improved sleep: Sex can relax moms-to-be, making them sleep like babies.
  • Immunity boost: Sex has been found to boost IgA, the antibody that fights colds and infections.
  • It makes you happier: Orgasms release happy endorphins that will surely improve mood.
Safe sexual activity during pregnancy may require questions. Simply visit a doctor online.

With so many health benefits of sex, what are you waiting for? Practice finding comfortable sex positions during pregnancy today.

Finding Sex Positions During Pregnancy is Fun and Versatile

Here are a few sex positions during pregnancy to give a whirl. They can help you keep intimacy in the bedroom and possibly be more comfortable for you and your baby. So if you are wondering about sex positions that can lead to miscarriage, the following are considered safe:

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1. Missionary

Missionary is undoubtedly the most common of all sex positions during pregnancy. However, it can get challenging after your first trimester. Put a pillow under you for tilt, and ensure your partner’s weight is not on your baby bump. A missionary position can be great for reconnecting with your partner because it allows for excellent eye contact, kissing and cuddling, and great skin-to-skin contact. 

2. Cowgirl

Cowgirl is a pregnant partner on top and it is one of the best sex positions during pregnancy. There is no weight on your belly, and you can control the depth and movement for maximum comfort. This position can be difficult late in pregnancy.

3. Spooning

Some sex positions during pregnancy offer extreme comfort. Your partner will face your back in a spoonful place as you cuddle. This is also referred to as rear entry. For belly support in your late second and third trimester, keep a pillow handy.

This position also offers more comfort since penetration is shallower in this position. This will be good in your third trimester if sex becomes uncomfortable elsewhere.

4. Doggy style

Doggy style is one of the preferred sex positions during pregnancy. While on your knees, your partner will enter from behind. Having a few pillows handy for baby bump support in your second and third trimesters is essential. This position can be intense for those experiencing heightened sensitivity.  

5. Side-by-side angled

Lie facing your partner and make a V-shape with your bodies. You can rest your legs on his hip for support. These side-lying positions or V-shaped sex positions during pregnancy take the weight off your belly.

This position also offers comfort, eye contact, and easy access for many kisses and cuddles an excellent opportunity to add intimacy and affection during sex.

6. Chair straddle

Like many sex positions during pregnancy, protecting your belly bump while finding a pleasurable position is essential. For this position, straddle your partner while he sits on a chair.

The chair must be sturdy. And you may want another chair handy to help you dismount safely after sex.

This position may be perfect for the ‘sweet spot’ of the second trimester when many women get a burst of energy. The second trimester is often accompanied by a small bump that needs to be accommodated but is usually not too big to make positions like this challenging.  

7. The bed’s edge

This position uses the furniture around you to make intercourse easier as your pregnancy progresses. 

Move your bottom to the bed’s edge and lie on your back, knees up. Your partner can stand or slightly bend to make the magic happen. After the first trimester, have a pillow slightly tilting your back so you are not entirely flat.

This slight variation of the missionary position takes your partner’s weight off your stomach and leaves his hands free for lots of loving touches. 

8. No penetration

Finding the correct sex positions during pregnancy gets more challenging; there are other options as you get closer to your big day. You and your partner can undoubtedly keep the intimacy alive without penetration.

This is also a great way to find other ways to stay physically close without sex, as giving birth also means taking a break from sex to allow your body to heal. With intercourse off the table, finding other ways to connect with your partner physically is essential. Hugs, massages, cuddles, kisses, and eye contact will all go a long way to keep your connection alive. 

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Sex during pregnancy may concern you about your baby. Get professional advice

When to avoid sex during pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy may offer health and relationship benefits, but pregnancy symptoms can also cause a decline in libido. Nausea, exhaustion, back pain, and a changing body may mean you want to abstain from sexual activity. Just because sex can be beneficial during pregnancy does not mean it is mandatory. 

In certain situations, your doctor or midwife may ask you to abstain from sexual activity. In these instances, it is important to clarify if penetration is avoided or all sexual activity.

You may be asked to abstain for several different reasons, such as:

  • History of preterm labor
  • Previous miscarriage
  • Unexplained bleeding or cramping
  • Cervical weakness
  • Last heavy bleeding or vaginal infection
  • Low-lying placenta (placenta praevia)

Take advantage of all the health benefits having sex while pregnant. You and your partner can undoubtedly find the perfect sex positions during pregnancy with some practice. If you have questions, don’t wait for your next appointment. Connect easily with Your Doctors 24 hours a day for an online chat. Get answers within minutes without embarrassing eye contact. Talk to online doctors in minutes!

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