20 Awesome Pregnancy Facts You Need to Know (with Infographic)

Last modified: August 2, 2019

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First things first, congratulations on being pregnant! You deserve to be congratulated because it’s awesome that you are carrying another human being inside you. Every week that your body changes results to what people might call melodramatic reactions.

You know it’s normal but you still can’t help but feel sensitive about everybody’s impression about you. You become worried about your physical and psychological states. Not to mention the added things that you should carefully think about like baby names, pregnancy health and care, which foods are safe to eat, and your baby’s movements.

Pregnancy Facts that Make You Feel Awesome!

You are able to deal with everything despite of all the pregnancy related changes that are happening to you while thinking about more changes that will occur when your baby is born. If that isn’t awesome, we don’t know what is!

To take your mind off of overly stressing about your current awesome situation, listed below are awesome pregnancy facts coupled with an awesome infographic for the amazing person that you are. Is hearing the word awesome and amazing beginning to sink in? Are you realizing that such an adjective befits you?

Continue reading and be amazed at these pregnancy facts that are well presented via infographic . . .

20 Amazing Facts About Being Pregnant

20 Amazing Facts About Being Pregnant, courtesy of www.pregnancypillowguide.com

Top Five Pregnancy Facts Outlined in the Above Awesome Infographic

1. Babies can also cry while they’re still inside the womb. You just can’t hear them because of all the amniotic fluid inside that muffles the sound. Think of it as having an internal sound proofing.

2. A baby’s fingerprints start to form and develop within the first trimester. This is one of the most awesome pregnancy facts, especially for CSI enthusiasts. This part of the infographic is also a great idea for a logo.

3. At least one out of every 2,000 babies is born with one tooth. So don’t be alarmed if you see your baby already having one tooth, there’s nothing wrong with that. Don’t you think that’s kinda cute?

4. Avocados and apricots are very good for your health, strength and energy while being pregnant. This is one of the pregnancy facts that are not just awesome but also very helpful to both you and your baby.

5. Being tall or overweight means that you’ll have a more considerable chance of carrying twins or possibly even higher number of multiples. For those who want to have twins and are tall or overweight, you have one more thing to be thankful about for being larger than the usual. Have you seen the cool infographic?

6. The dreaded “Morning Sickness” actually protects your baby while in the most vulnerable stage when organs are only starting to develop. It clears your system by vomiting the substances that normally carry toxins or microbes. We apologize if the swirls on the infographic are making you more nauseous. Don’t you think it represents the condition very well?

7. Your heart gets bigger while your body gets bigger. To pump extra blood that will benefit the baby, the wall of the ventricles become thicker which fundamentally make your heart become larger than its usual size. This particular bit among the pregnancy facts truly represents your growing love for your baby. This is such an awesome tear-jerker!

8. The ears of your babies are fully formed halfway through pregnancy and your baby’s hearing is very good. Your baby can hear you even if the sounds are muffled by the amniotic fluid.

9. It is safe to have sex as long as you don’t have any complications. You can even go for it as frequently as you like. Your baby won’t be put at harm’s way, so don’t worry. Enjoy it! Have you read any pregnancy facts more fun than this?

10. One out of ten pregnant women experience their water breaking before labor starts.

11. All throughout your pregnancy your uterus will expand from the size of a peach to the size of a watermelon. This part of the infographic is really cute and a bit hunger inducing.

12. The quantity of your blood can rise up to 50% while you’re pregnant. If this specific detail in this set of pregnancy facts is depressing for you because of the possible additional weight gain, remind yourself that it’s for the good of your and your baby’s health.

13. Women at a healthy weight during pregnancy only need to eat additional 300 calories per day. But if you’re craving for more, go ahead and have more, just don’t overdo it. Remind yourself that anything that’s too much can be bad for you. Is the infographic making you hungry?

14. 375 days is the most prolonged pregnancy on record.

15. If your partner is gaining weight too, it’s not something to be worried about. It’s practically normal to share pregnancy symptoms with your partner. It has actually been documented by scientists all over the world. Another of the awesome pregnancy facts that makes you feel that your significant other truly supports and appreciates what you’re going through.

16. The heightened sense of smell among pregnant women alerts them of some foods that they definitely should not eat in order to protect their babies. Does the infographic make you smell something that’s not physically there? Then it became very effective.

17. Nine out of ten women experience a change in their skin tone while pregnant. This specific bit among the pregnancy facts can go both ways. Some might appreciate the change and some might not.

18. The typical weight of a full term baby is 8 pounds or 3.62 kilograms. It’s a cute infographic, right?

19. To counteract or offset your weight gain, pregnancy enhances your metabolism. This is another good info among the list of pregnancy facts, especially to those who are carefully watching their weight.

20. Aside from nourishing the baby, the placenta also protects your baby from bacteria and infection. This is the ultimate shield anybody can ever have. It’s like having your own Baymax and you haven’t even been born yet. Is the infographic cute enough?

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