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Do you feel sudden swelling in your limbs, legs, or arms? These symptoms can indicate Edema. Edema is a medical condition in which excessive fluid from the body gets stored in the extracellular space of the tissues. It appears as swelling in the limbs. A complete diagnosis and prescription for effective treatment are needed. 

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What is edema?

Edema is a medical term for fluid accumulation in different parts of the body. It usually occurs in the feet, ankles, legs, and toes. This fluid normally doesn’t accumulate and moves from intracellular spaces in the tissues. It can accumulate for several reasons, including pregnancy or age. Treating options include lifestyle changes, exercise, and medications.

What are the symptoms of edema?

Some of the most common symptoms or indications of edema include: 

  • Swelling or puffiness in the affected area
  • Skin that appears stretched or shiny
  • Increased abdominal size (abdominal edema)
  • Difficulty moving the affected limb or joint
  • Skin indentation when pressure is applied (pitting edema)
  • Reduced flexibility or range of motion in the affected area
  • Discomfort or pain in the swollen area
  • Increased weight due to fluid retention/accumulation
  • Changes in blood pressure or heart rate

In severe cases, shortness of breath can also occur, and immediate medical consultation is required for effective treatment. 

What are the causes of edema? 

Edema can be due to several reasons, some of which are: 

  1. Prolonged sitting or standing in the same position for more than usual. 
  2. Pregnancy 
  3. Drastic or increased salt intake in food or any form. 
  4. Kidney or lung disease 
  5. Heart failure or heart attack 
  6. Medications like corticosteroids and certain blood pressure medications 

Your healthcare provider can determine all the causes, and only your doctor and pharmacist can give you the tailored medication according to an underlying cause. 

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Treatment options for edema

The treatment options for edema include 

  • Medications that can treat edema by releasing the extracellular fluid from the tissues. 
  • Different exercises include alleviation of the limbs to release the fluid. 
  • Changes in the diet, such as decreasing the salt intake in the food. 
  • Prescription medications to treat underlying conditions (e.g., heart or kidney disease)
  • Wearing garments that are tight to avoid the compression of limbs.

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How to prevent edema?

You can prevent edema by following some simple tips and ways:

  • Maintain a healthy weight and diet. 
  • Exercise regularly to improve circulation in the body. 
  • Elevate your legs when sitting or lying down.
  • Avoid sitting or standing for prolonged periods.

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FAQs about edema

Does edema go away by itself?

If the cause of edema is mild, chances are it will go away on its own, or making some lifestyle adjustments will help. However, in chronic cases like a medication side effect, you must first treat the condition. Sometimes, your doctor may suggest medicines that help drain the excess fluid via urine (diuretics).

How long does it take for swelling to go down on the face?

It will usually take 5-7 days after medication and treatment for swelling to go down on the face and other limbs. It is better to get the appropriate diagnosis and treatment for effective release

How to drain edema fluid?

It can only be drained after the proper diagnosis and prescription of your healthcare provider. Usually the diuretics are prescribed for te edema that increase the urinary output thus releasing the extra accumulated fluid in the body.

What is the treatment for bone marrow edema in the foot?

The best treatment for bone marrow edema is rest. It usually goes away independently, but it may take several months, and your doctor may provide plenty of rest until then. To ease the symptoms, you may be prescribed nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Does drinking water flush out edema?

Drinking water can help ease the symptoms like swelling and also help excrete the excess fluid in the urine but only in patients with mild edema. Along with staying hydrated, creams and prescription medications can also help. Drinking plenty of water can help fulfill the body’s requirements, and it won’t hold on to the excess fluid, causing swelling. However, if patients have cardiac and renal failure, drinking more water can cause more harm than good.

Is there a vitamin that helps with edema?

Yes, there are certain vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B6, and vitamin C and other nutrients like magnesium and zinc whose imbalance can cause mild edema. Therefore, fulfilling your body’s vitamin requirements and maintaining a healthy balance is essential. However, the results may be slower and only works in case of mild edema.

What is the treatment for bone marrow edema in the hip?

Bone marrow edema in the hip also goes away like other mild edemas like rest and staying hydrated. Other edema treatment regimes include painkiller medications like some nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). It may take months of rest to heal completely.

How to treat weeping skin from edema?

The best peripheral edema treatment is appropriately taking rest. Keep the affected parts elevated to avoid skin weeping, and maintaining an elevated position will help heal the swelling naturally. Additionally, your doctor may recommend certain movements to ease the swelling and weeping depending upon the part of the body affected by edema.

Can edema be treated at home?

Yes, edema can be treated at home if it is mild. Certain remedies like elevating the affected area, taking plenty of rest, and wearing compression garments can speed up blood circulation, ease the pain and heal the edema.

How much water does it take to get rid of edema?

If you suffer from edema, your body is under stress and needs more water than the normal requirement. Therefore, you should have at least 2 liters of water per day in mild edema cases. However, if the edema is caused by renal or cardiac problems, excess water can be fatal.

When should I consult a doctor for edema?

If you suffer from edema while pregnant, it is most important to consult a doctor. As edema causes skin stretching, it can cause many health problems during pregnancy. Also, consult your doctor immediately if you experience additional symptoms like difficulty breathing, persistent swelling, chest pain, sudden or severe onset of edema in the face and around the eyes, abdominal swelling, one-sided swelling (without injury), redness, warmth, and tenderness, pitting edema (indentation when pressed), edema after an injury or surgery, edema accompanied by other symptoms like unexplained weight gain, fever, fatigue, or changes in urination. These symptoms can indicate heart or lung problems, liver or kidney disease, etc., and need immediate medical care to avoid lethal consequences.

What can I do to stop edema in my legs?

Consult your doctor, as he may suggest certain exercises to help reduce the swelling and fasten the drainage of the excess fluid from the legs. It will also increase blood circulation to the heart. Moreover, avoid excess salty diets and increase your water intake instead. Also, wear compression stockings to help reduce swelling and pain.

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