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Asthma is a chronic disease of the respiratory tract. Inflammation of the airways leads to narrowing and excess mucus production, causing breathing difficulties.

If you are experiencing breathing difficulties or an exacerbation of asthma, connect with our board-certified asthma doctors and get an online asthma prescription within minutes.

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  • Albuterol MDI 100mcg, take two puffs thrice daily
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How do I know if I have an Asthma Attack?

Allergic asthma is triggered by an allergen such as pollen; common symptoms of allergic asthma include:

  • Chest tightness/discomfort
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nasal congestion
  • Rapid breathing
  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
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FAQs about Asthma treatment online

Can I get an asthma prescription online?

Yes, definitely. Get an inhaler prescription or asthma medication within minutes from Your Doctors Online while sitting at home instead of waiting endlessly at the ER.

What is asthma?

Asthma is a long-term chronic condition that causes inflammation and narrowing of the airways in the lungs. It causes breathing issues and makes it harder for the patient to carry out strenuous activities.

How to get an inhaler without seeing a doctor?

If you are experiencing asthma attack symptoms, connect and chat with one of our doctors on our online platform and get an online inhaler prescription issued right away.

What is a quick relief for asthma?

Some quick-fix medications for asthma include Levalbutanol, Metaproterenol, and Albuterol. However, these are available upon prescription, so contact your doctor for the prescription of asthma medications.

How is asthma diagnosed?

A complete medical history, physical exam and tests are required to diagnose asthma. In addition, tests such as spirometry, X-ray, and blood tests are sometimes done.

What are the causes of asthma?

Studies indicate that a combination of genetics and environmental factors play a role in developing asthma. Common triggers include respiratory infections, allergens like pollen, dust, mites, exercise, cold air, air pollution (smoke), stress, and medications (aspirin, ibuprofen).

How to cure asthma forever?

To manage symptoms of asthma and prevent asthma flare-ups, two types of medication are prescribed by an asthma doctor i.e., either long term inhaled corticosteroids and immediate relief inhalers such as Albuterol. Other alternate treatment options that may help relieve symptoms include dietary changes, breathing techniques, yoga, and omega 3 oils.

Am I having an asthma attack?

Asthma attacks can vary from person to person. Some may start the attack with a cough, while others feel chest tightening. People may experience shortness of breath and wheezing as well. If you are unsure, please consult your doctor.

What are the two main types of asthma medication?

Asthma medications are of two main types, i.e., controller medications to prevent asthma by reducing lung inflammation and reliever medications to rescue during an asthma attack by quickly opening airways and relieving the symptoms.

What is the latest treatment for asthma?

The latest treatment for asthma is a combination preventer medication called Atecture Breezhaler, a combination of mometasone and indacaterol available upon prescription for 12-year-old or older patients. It helps treat moderate to severe asthma.

Which drug is the most commonly prescribed for acute attack of asthma?

Short-acting beta-agonists like albuterol are the most commonly prescribed drug for acute asthma attacks.

What triggers asthma?

Different people have different triggers for asthma, like smoke, dust, air pollutants, physical activity, respiratory infections, air temperature, some medicines, strong scents, and stress.

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