4 Simple Ways to Prevent Causes of Lower Back Pain for Women

Submitted and Medically Reviewed By: Richard Honaker M.D.

Do you have back pain that is ruining your daily routine? Causes of lower back pain for women come in many troublesome forms. But there are simple ways to prevent your back pain, letting you hit the trail or attack that climbing wall with vigor.

Did you know that 80 percent of people have back problems at least once in a lifetime? The American Chiropractic Association say back pain costs Americans $50 billion annually.

Our lifestyles are almost made for back pain these days, especially for women. From screen time to the latest fashion, the choices you are making daily certainly attribute to causes of lower back pain.

Do you want to save money on back pain problems and be the healthiest and happiest you can be?

The following four simple ways to prevent causes of lower back pain for women will leave you refreshed and ready to enjoy the coming spring and summer.

4 Simple Ways to Prevent Causes of Lower Back Pain for Women

1. Screen Time One of the Top Causes of Lower Back Pain

If you’re a screen queen, you may be spending in excess of ten hours per day with your tech. More than ten hours is the average time people are following media each day, a 2016 Nielson study found.

When on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, your neck is bent downward, back arched, shoulders slouched, and you are normally sitting. These are all causes of lower back pain.

To prevent these causes of lower back pain for women, take screen time breaks. This means getting up, walking around, stretching, and even closing your eyes for a few minutes to give them a break too.

When working on a laptop, ensure the screen is eye level to keep your posture perfect, and adjust the screen light to match that of the environment to protect your eyes too.

4 Simple Ways to Prevent Causes of Lower Back Pain for Women

2. Fashion is a Back Breaker for Women

Did you know your flats could be one of the causes of lower back pain? Yes, those high heels have always been the accused, but other shoes can be to blame for back issues too.

Flats, sandals, and flip-flops all offer little to no arch support. Wearing them continuously can lead to back pain and back problems that hinder your daily routine.

To keep your back as fashionable as your shoes, choose ones with arch support. If you work on your feet all day, skip the fashion and go for comfort and support. You can always change your shoes for happy hour to avoid causes of lower back pain.

Your fashionable bag or purse is another culprit of back, neck, and shoulder pain. Women often tote around heavy bags and purses with thin shoulder straps digging into the muscle. Keep weight and strap in mind for your spring and summer purse shopping.

4 Simple Ways to Prevent Causes of Lower Back Pain for Women

3. Keep a Close Eye on Your Core

Strengthening your core is a powerful way to prevent potential causes of lower back pain, especially for women. It may seem counterintuitive, but fitness and working your back more can keep pain away.

This holds especially true for women, since breasts can add an extra gravitational pull forward. It is, however, important to do the right exercises. Endless crunches are not always the best for strengthening your back and improving posture, and could be causes of lower back pain.

Fitness trainer and wellness coach Rashelle Brown of NextAvenue explains that traditional sit-ups and crunches are often the worst exercises for women and men with back pain. Brown recommends swimming, bird dog, and marching bridge as great alternatives.

4 Simple Ways to Prevent Causes of Lower Back Pain for Women

4. Are You Sleeping on Your Stomach?

Sleep allows your body to heal and recharge for the day ahead. However, your sleeping position could be one of the causes of lower back pain. Women who practice the art of stomach sleeping may snore less, but it could be problematic on the back.

Researchers have found that seven percent of adults sleep on their stomach, according to the National Sleep Foundation. But this p.m. position does not allow your spine to rest in a neutral position. You also have more pressure on your muscles and joints.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends sleeping on your back to allow your neck, head, and spine to rest comfortably in a neutral position. There are, however, medical conditions that vote against sleeping on your back.

Causes of Lower Back Pain and Other Women Health Issues

When it comes to causes of lower back pain for women, it is vital to talk to a doctor about the best prevention and treatment options for you. Women are indeed unique, and not all back pain prevention tactics work universally.

If you have lower back pain questions, or other women’s health issues you would like to discuss, doctors online has the answers.

How do you keep your back in tip-top shape? What about pregnancy back pain?

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