4 How to Get Pregnant Tips for Twenty-Something Women

4 how to get pregnant tips for twenty something women online

Knowing how to get pregnant can certainly be challenging. Unfortunately, it is not like the movies, and if it were, hospitals would have their hands full. If you are in your 20s, it is essential to get the facts about how to get pregnant. There are even vital steps to take before pregnancy too.

Research suggests that most couples get pregnant within three months. But the data behind how to get pregnant can be a bit overwhelming. Within the first month, or first cycle, only 30 percent of women get pregnant. And 59 percent of women get pregnant within three months, according to Baby Center.

How to get pregnant hinges on multiple factors such as age, weight, and time spent trying to get pregnant. What you do before pregnancy will also determine how to get pregnant, as well as your baby’s health after conception. 

Truth About How to Get Pregnant; You Only Have Two to Five Days a Month

The movies certainly make getting pregnant easy. The truth about how to get pregnant, however, is all about timing. No matter how much sperm, it is a matter of timing, Maria Sophocles, an OBGYN and Medical Director for Women’s Health Care told Cosmopolitan.

Your partner’s sperm will survive in your vagina 24 to 48 hours, depending on how strong the swimmers may be. This will give you a 48-hour window prior and post ovulation for conception to occur.



No Alcohol Before Pregnancy is Vital to Your Baby’s Health

It may not be a shocker to most women, but no amount of alcohol is safe for your baby, according to a 2015 report by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Even before pregnancy, you should lay off the booze.

Staying sober before pregnancy is a solid mom-to-be strategy since it may be weeks before you know you’re pregnant. How to get pregnant is a before and during experience, and staying sober while trying to conceive will ease the pregnancy transition.

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How to Get Pregnant Myth; Position and Baby’s Gender

While browsing for ways on how to get pregnant, you may have come across a few bizarre pregnancy stories. There are claims certain positions will speed up the conception process and help determine your baby’s gender.

Sorry, but this is only a myth. “There are really no lovemaking positions that can influence the gender of your baby,” Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg, the gender selection program director at Fertility Institutes, told Parents Magazine. That is, unless you are employing the help of science.

Want to Know How to Get Pregnant? Less Stress May Help Your Baby Making Efforts

How to get pregnant can be a matter of daily stress. Research has shown that women are less likely to conceive due to an elevated amount of a stress-related enzyme called alpha-amylase, according to WebMD.

A 2010 study conducted by the National Institutes of Health and the University of Oxford found that stress might reduce chances of getting pregnant by 12 percent. Reduce your stress before pregnancy and during to increase your baby making efforts.


Your Weight May Affect Your Pregnancy Efforts

Being overweight or underweight can affect your ability to conceive. This is an important how to get pregnant factor to take into account if you’re having pregnancy issues.

“If you’re trying to get pregnant, or intend to start trying, know that being overweight – especially significantly so – can affect your chances of conceiving and having a healthy baby,” According to Your Fertility, a platform for women’s health by the Fertility Coalition. “Being underweight can also reduce a woman’s fertility.”

Understanding how to get pregnant is essential to conception. What you do before pregnancy can also play a vital role in your pregnancy efforts. Don’t let pregnancy myths get in your way either. You can talk to a doctor online for more pregnancy information and discuss pregnancy issues you may be experiencing today.

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