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10 Subtle Diabetes Symptoms Too Dangerous to Miss

10 Subtle Diabetes Symptoms Too Dangerous to Miss

Diabetes is a persistent illness where your glucose, blood sugar, reaches a very high level. This occurs when your body is unable to make enough insulin or to process it properly. Insulin is the hormone that’s responsible in processing sugar within your body. Most women think that they will recognize if something’s wrong, but most actually don’t notice any diabetes symptoms at all.

Researchers found that this happens when your glucose levels are not exceedingly high. As a result, you might not exhibit any diabetes symptoms. That’s why out of all the diabetics in the U.S., a large portion remains undiagnosed.

Experts recommended that for optimal women’s health and wellness, all of those who are 45 and older, and younger women who manifest risk factors should be checked frequently. Some of the risk factors include obesity or being overweight, belonging to a family with a history of the illness, or suffering from gestational diabetes while pregnant.

Some of the obvious diabetes symptoms are usually mild and could easily be considered as symptoms of another condition. The following are 10 regular, but deceitful diabetes symptoms that every woman should be aware of for optimal women’s health and wellness.

Diabetes Symptoms

1. Frequent Urination is a Subtle Diabetes Symptom

This typical diabetes symptom is a result of an excess of sugar coursing throughout your entire body, just like with the other diabetes symptoms. According to experts, high glucose levels result to your body taking it upon itself to discard the sugar out of your system.

Water trails sugar, so you wind up plenty of urine depletion. For the maintenance of general women’s health and wellness, once you’ve observed that you’re unexpectedly peeing more frequent and in bigger proportions with no actual cause and you suddenly find yourself waking up multiple times during the night just to pee, you should consult your doctor about this.

2. Consistently Feeling Parched

You’ll eventually get dehydrated if you’re constantly peeing. These two diabetes symptoms are usually connected. There are patients who are unaware that they have diabetes and satisfy their thirst by drinking sugary drinks like juice or soda.

As a result, more sugar is added to their glucose levels, which worsens their condition. So, in the preservation of women’s health and wellness, give your doctor a visit once you notice that you’ve suddenly become very thirsty most of the time despite the fact that you’re not sweating more from any other activity. This could be a sign of diabetes.

Diabetes Symptoms

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3. Your Bad Breath May be Diabetes

Having a dry mouth is another consequence of being dehydrated because of unmanaged diabetes. This is one of the leading causes for getting bad breath. High glucose levels brought about by unmanaged diabetes results to your body being unable to use the glucose from your foods as energy.

What subsequently happens is your body burns fat to produce energy. Ketones are produced from such and these can trigger an offensively sweet and fruity odor in your mouth.

4. Hazy Eyesight

High glucose levels cause fluid shifts all over your body, which involves your eyes. Since fluids trail sugar, it also enters the lens of your eyes. This is why you get hazy eyesight. As time goes by, this could cause nearsightedness.

People who haven’t been diagnosed as diabetics usually go to an eye doctor to obtain a prescription for spectacles. But, if their diabetes is diagnosed and managed, their hazy eyesight could go away because once glucose levels are corrected, this can be reversed. The preservation of women’s health and wellness can be achieved.

5. Prickling or Numbness in Both Hands and Feet

After a number of years, diabetes can lead to affecting even your nerves and blood vessels. This can result to reduced feelings in your hands and feet that seems like fire, tingling sensation, or numbness.

High blood sugar levels diminish the blood flow to your nerves that are supposed to maintain health and could even result to getting them damaged. This is the result when the transmission of nerve signals is negatively affected. This is one of the diabetes symptoms that can be difficult to ignore.

6. Cuts and Bruises Heal Slowly

When sensation in your nerves has significantly lessened, you become more susceptible to injuries. You may not notice when you get a cut because you couldn’t feel it. This means that you would be most unlikely to care for it, which could result to the cut getting infected.

If you have an injury, unmanaged diabetes can make it more difficult for you to heal the wound or injury. High glucose levels also contribute to a favorable environment for bacterial growth. Diabetes is commonly linked with high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

This results to an increase in plaque that could narrow blood vessels and minimize blood supply that makes healing slow. Diabetes can also debilitate the T-cells that form your immune system. Having high glucose levels is like dallying your body’s fighters to get to the wound and restore it.

To maintain women’s health and wellness, be vigilant when you notice an open wound or any type of injury. This would minimize the chance of getting it infected and healing could happen more quickly. Among the diabetes symptoms, this is potentially dangerous.

7. Weight is Scaling Down Despite Eating More

Undetermined and inexplicable weight reduction could occur for different reasons and diabetes is one of those. Insulin aids your body in transporting energy like sugar from the blood to the cells. If you are insulin deficient, you won’t get sufficient energy into your cells regardless of all the sugar circulating in your body.

Your body will feel like it’s famished and practically empty. One reason for that is water weight. But since you’re incapable of getting sufficient energy from sugar, your body expends your own fat and muscle as substitutes.

Weight reduction can be as notable as between 10 to 20 pounds. Some overweight women could see this as a positive effect to achieve the figure that they want, but this is one of the most dangerous diabetes symptoms that could prevent the improvement of women’s health and wellness.

Diabetes Symptoms

8. Exhaustion May be Putting Women’s Health and Wellness at Risk

Your body breaks down carbohydrates into glucose and glucose becomes your body’s principal source of energy, which your body is unable to use if you suffer from diabetes. Add that to the fact that being dehydrated could make someone unconscious.

There are plenty of other reasons that could have made you feel exhausted like diet, stress, and if you’ve slept enough. But if tiredness unexpectedly showed up without any reason and is felt together with the other symptoms, it’s very much advised that you should have a check-up.

Overall women’s health and wellness can be preserved if you consult your doctor immediately as it could also be a reason for a much serious condition.

9. Recurrent Yeast Infections

High glucose levels promote a vaginal environment that’s very suitable for yeast infections. Sugar fuels yeast growth. The more sugar is present, the more yeast multiplies. If you’re experiencing two or three yeast infections after every few months or if the usual treatments are not working, you should consult a doctor.

The frequency lessens once glucose is properly managed. Women’s health and wellness tips suggest that you take care of this symptom immediately as you probably won’t want to be itching down there most of the time.

10. Those Dark Marks Around Your Neck and Armpits Could be a Sign of Diabetes

Skin around the nape of your neck and your underarm area that’s getting dark is an unexpected but usual initial sign of insulin resistance, which is a forerunner of diabetes. This is particularly common in women who have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) who have insulin resistance.

One reason for such occurrence is because of drier skin that’s caused by dehydration. The mentioned areas are also likely to have thicker skin because of regular friction. So, if whitening beauty creams are not working, it could be the time for you to consider that this could be one of the diabetes symptoms.

Deal with this as soon as you can to conserve women’s health and wellness in general and to maintain your self-confidence.

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