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Doxylamine/pyridoxine is a combination medication used to treat nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, commonly known as morning sickness. 

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What is Doxylamine (Pyridoxine)?

Pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting can be controlled with Doxylamine and Pyridoxine combination. Your health and nutrition throughout pregnancy may improve if your nausea and vomiting are reduced. Doxylamine is an antihistamine that may exert its effects indirectly by affecting the body’s endogenous chemicals (acetylcholine and serotonin) and acting on certain brain centers.

Uses of Doxylamine (Pyridoxine)?

This medication combines doxylamine (an antihistamine) and pyridoxine (vitamin B6) to alleviate the symptoms of morning sickness during pregnancy, nausea and vomiting being the main ones. It is typically employed when other non-pharmacological interventions, like alterations to diet or way of life, have failed to resolve the condition.

How it works

Doxylamine is an antihistamine that can help relieve nausea and vomiting by blocking the action of histamine in the body. It has sedative properties and may also help with sleep disturbances associated with pregnancy. Pyridoxine is a form of vitamin B6. While the exact mechanism of how it helps with morning sickness is not completely understood, it is thought to play a role in regulating neurotransmitters and hormones related to nausea and vomiting.

Different dosage forms of Doxylamine (Pyridoxine)

Doxylamine-pyridoxine is commonly available as delayed-release tablets designed to release the medication to provide more sustained relief gradually. It is marketed under brand names like Diclegis and Bonjesta.

How to use Doxylamine (Pyridoxine)

Your healthcare provider will provide the dosing instructions for Doxylamine-Pyridoxine, which should be followed carefully. Typically, it is taken orally, with or without food. Taking the medicine before bedtime is best to help alleviate symptoms of morning sickness and counter the drowsiness due to the Doxylamine component.

Side effects of Doxylamine (Pyridoxine)

Some common side effects include: 

  • Drowsiness
  • Wooziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Blurred eyesight.

Some severe side effects that are uncommon but dangerous include:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Urinating difficulties
  • Abnormal heartbeat

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  • Doxylamine/pyridoxine, 10/10 mg
  • Taken twice daily for 7 days.


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Precautions and Contraindications

  • It is important to talk to your doctor before beginning any new medication during pregnancy so that they can provide you with individualized advice.
  • The medication has serious interactions with Benzhydrocodone, Acetaminophen and  Calcium/Magnesium/Potassium/Sodium Oxybates.
  • It’s important to avoid potentially risky activities like driving or operating heavy machinery while under the influence of doxylamine due to the sedative’s sedative effects.
  • Doxylamine-pyridoxine should be used with caution, if at all, by pregnant women who have certain medical conditions or allergies to any of the medication’s components.

FAQs about Doxylamine (Pyridoxine)

Can I take 50 mg of doxylamine?

The recommended maximum dose of doxylamine is 25 mg daily for adults, so 50 mg may exceed the safe dosage and should be avoided.

Is doxylamine available by prescription?

Doxylamine alone is available over the counter. It is commonly found in sleep aids and cold and flu medications due to its sedative and antihistamine properties. However, the Doxylamine / Pyridoxine combination is only available on prescription.

Is doxylamine addictive?

Doxylamine is not addictive like opioids or benzodiazepines. It is an antihistamine with sedative properties commonly used for sleep aids, but prolonged use can lead to tolerance, where higher doses may be needed for the same effect.

Does doxylamine cause memory loss?

There is a potential for doxylamine to cause short-term memory impairment in some individuals, especially at higher doses. However, the effects are usually temporary and improve once the drug is out of the system.

How bad is doxylamine?

Doxylamine can be effective as a short-term sleep aid but may cause side effects such as drowsiness, dry mouth, and cognitive impairment when not used as directed. Avoid prolonged use or exceeding recommended dosages.

Can doxylamine damage kidneys?

Doxylamine succinate overdose symptoms: drowsiness, coma, seizures, mydriasis, tachycardia, psychosis, and rhabdomyolysis. Serious complication: rhabdomyolysis with potential renal impairment and acute renal failure.

Does doxylamine reduce anxiety?

While doxylamine succinate is primarily known for its sedating effects and use as a sleep aid, it can also have mild anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties. Additionally, its muscle-relaxing products can contribute to a sense of relaxation and sleepiness. However, it is not a first-line treatment for anxiety, and other medications designed explicitly for anxiety management may be more appropriate.

What is the brand name of doxylamine?

One of the well-known brand names of doxylamine in “Unisom.” The active component in Unisom, a popular over-the-counter sleep medication, is doxylamine succinate. It is employed to alleviate sleep issues and, temporarily, to improve sleep.

What happens if I miss a dose of doxylamine/Pyridoxine?

Doxylamine/pyridoxine doses should be taken as soon as you recall unless it is almost time for the next dose. To make up for a missing dose, stick to the same dose; do not double-dose it.

What happens if I take too much doxylamine/Pyridoxine?

Taking too much doxylamine/pyridoxine can lead to an overdose, which may cause symptoms such as severe drowsiness, confusion, rapid heart rate, hallucinations, and even seizures.

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