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Omeprazole is typically prescribed to manage acid reflux or Gerd,and to treat  Hpylori infections, duodenal or gastric ulcers. You can get an omeprazole prescription online by connecting with our doctor at Your Doctors Online. Our online doctor will ask you to describe your symptoms to determine the best course of treatment. Then, if deemed necessary, they may recommend a follow-up appointment or a visit to a clinic. However, please note that an online Omeprazole prescription will be provided after consultation with the doctor and if the treatment is considered suitable and safe for you.

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  • Omeprazole/Losec Tablets
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What is Omeprazole and How to Take It

Omeprazole belongs to type of drugs called proton pump inhibitors and are prescribed to manage GERD or acid reflux. Other kinds of drugs in this class include esomeprazole, pantoprazole and dexlansoprazole.

Omeprazole is classified under proton pump inhibitors. This medication reduces the production of acid in the stomach. Omeprazole pills block the process carried out by hydrogen potassium ATPase, limiting the amount of acid in the stomach. The reduction ensures that less acid will enter the esophagus and decreases the likelihood of discomfort. 

Omeprazole is generally available as Omeprazole 20 mg prescription as well as 10 mg and 40 mg delayed-release capsules. Omeprazole medication is prescribed as per the patient’s need and condition. An omeprazole dose of 20 mg or prescription omeprazole of 40 mg can be taken more than once daily, usually 30 minutes before a meal. Another form is a delayed-release oral suspension. It takes about 1 hour for the medication to work after consumption. 

In order to manage GERD, 20 mg of Omeprazole a day for 4 weeks is the usual treatment protocol. In case of a duodenal stomach ulcer, 20 mg of Omeprazole for 4 weeks is the recommended dosage. 

Important Information About Omeprazole

If you are deciding whether to get Omeprazole online or Prilosec otc, you should be aware of the following:

  • Omeprazole prescription medication may lead to some undesirable side effects including abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, headaches and diarrhoea. 
  • Omeprazole is known to increase the risk of bone fractures. 
  • There are several drug interactions with Omeprazole. Therefore, it should be taken with caution after consulting with a doctor. 
  • If you are allergic to Omeprazole or benzimidazoles, you should avoid taking this medication. 
  • Do not take Omeprazole and alcohol together.

FAQs About Omeprazole

Can I buy Omeprazole over the counter?

If you are confused between OTC Prilosec vs prescription Prilosec, Omeprazole is available as both Omeprazole OTC and Omeprazole prescription form. Some conditions require prescription for the medication specifically. You can get a prescription for Omeprazole 20 mg or Omeprazole 40 mg capsules online by consulting with an online doctor at Your Doctors online.

Are Prilosec and Omeprazole the same?

Prilosec is the brand name for Omeprazole and is available as both Prilosec OTC and prescription Prilosec.

Is prescription Omeprazole the same as over-the-counter?

Particular strengths or doses of Omeprazole are available only through a prescription. You will need a prescription from a licensed physician for that.

Can Omeprazole 20 mg get you high?

Omeprazole does not lead to hyperactivity or drowsiness.

Can Prilosec cause yeast infections?

Prilosec may cause candidiasis of the mouth, oesophagus or stomach. When taken with antibiotics, it can also increase the risk of developing vaginal yeast infections.

Can you drink alcohol with Omeprazole 20 mg?

Taking Omeprazole with alcohol can irritate the stomach lining further and worsen headaches and nausea.

Is there a non-prescription substitute for Omeprazole?

Prilosec and Nexium are available as over-the-counter (OTC) forms of Omeprazole used to treat acid reflux.

What is stronger than Omeprazole for GERD?

Prescription-strength PPI, including pantoprazole, esomeprazole, lansoprazole, rabeprazole and dexlansoprazole, are considered very effective in managing symptoms of GERD. H2 receptor blockers such as Ranitidine are another option for managing GERD.

What foods should you avoid when taking Omeprazole?

It is best to avoid alcohol and cranberry while taking Omeprazole.

Can Omeprazole cause acne?

A particular study found an increased occurrence of acne in females aged 60+, taking Omeprazole for several years. Although, no such direct correlation has been establishe, otherwise.

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