I Thought I Was Getting A Heart Attack!

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Kim presented with complaints of chest pain, which mimicked a heart attack, but Your Doctors Online diagnosed her with heartburn symptoms.

22-year old female with constant chest discomfort and pain.

I had been struggling with chest pain that occurred on and off and sometimes persisted throughout the day. Over time it worsened. It had me constantly worried that it could be related to my heart or a serious underlying health condition. I voiced my worries to my partner, but he dismissed them, stating that I was overthinking.

Since the pain had been there for several months at that time, I was not only affected physically, but I was under severe emotional distress. Due to that, minor things triggered an outburst, and the situation was worsening day by day. I realized I should get myself evaluated, but to add to my misery, I couldn’t get an appointment with my primary care doctor, who was on leave and wasn’t available for a good couple of weeks.

Fuming, I threw my phone against the wall and broke my screen, immediately regretting it. After taking a few deep breaths, I calmed myself down and picked up my tab to see if I could find an appointment in a nearby clinic. While doing so, I came across online platforms and decided to give Your Doctors Online a shot.

Heart Attack on Heart Burn? Get help by consulting with our online doctors.

Heartburn symptoms turned out to be the culprit for all my symptoms!

Within minutes, the application connected me to a doctor. Still apprehensive but curious, I explained all my symptoms. I also acknowledged my fear and told the doctor that I was suspecting a heart condition. After listening to my concern, the doctor asked me several questions, including:

  • Does the pain worsen after consumption of food?
  • Does the intensity of the pain vary throughout the day?
  • Are there any aggravating and relieving factors?
  • Are you currently on any medications or pain killers?

Additionally, she asked me regarding my current diet, caffeine, alcohol intake and smoking. I admitted that I was a coffee and fast food lover and that it usually aggravated my symptoms.

After a detailed history, she concluded that GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) was causing heartburn symptoms. Finally, a proper diagnosis and getting heart conditions ruled out helped in easing my worries.

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The online doctor reassured me that medications and lifestyle modifications could treat GERD:

The other half of my worries were now mainly that I would have to take medication for acid reflux for a lifetime. Dreading this, I asked my attending doctor. She immediately reassured me that taking medication for a few weeks, improving my diet, and making some lifestyle changes will help me manage the problem and, over time, may help me get rid of it completely.

Furthermore, she advised me that eliminating spicy food, caffeine, alcohol and fast food from my diet would solve half of my problem. The doctor also instructed me to take a proton-pump inhibitor such as omeprazole once a day, 30 minutes before breakfast and drink chamomile tea once a day as it is known to help reduce stress. It is beneficial for my digestive system as well. She also instructed me not to lie down immediately after eating and to walk daily.

The doctor also advised me to slightly elevate the head while sleeping to prevent reflux.

It was such a holistic experience, and I felt extremely satisfied!

This is not an overstatement; I had a truly great experience with Your Doctors Online. My chat with an online doctor took into account everything. Instead of bombarding me with medical terminologies and leaving me more confused, she listened to me and provided a clear diagnosis with treatment options for my heartburn symptoms.

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