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Richard Honaker, MD

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“I believe in educating patients to prepare them for the right questions to ask when seeing their family practitioner or the emergency doctor. Your Doctors Online allows me to do just that.”

— Dr. Cheema, Chief Medical Officer at Your Doctors Online and Senior Interventional Cardiologist at St Michael’s hospital.

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As the population in Edmonton grows, the wait time in the hospitals keeps on increasing. Your Doctors Online provides access to quality telehealth services in Edmonton within minutes through our mobile app. We eliminate the barriers that keep many people from accessing healthcare, such as taking time off work, high medical costs, and exposure to unwanted germs. 

Your Doctors Online connects you with professional online Edmonton doctors through either a voice call or video chat. Our free application allows our patients to connect with a board-certified Edmonton doctor within minutes from the comforts of home. 

Once you download our application, you have the best services of telehealth Edmonton has to offer at your fingertips. You can receive a prescription, doctor’s note or get much-needed medical advice at the press of a button. 

You can rest well knowing you are connected to a virtual Edmonton doctor 24 hours a day. We are HIPAA compliant, and we strongly maintain doctor-patient confidentiality.


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