Constipated? 5 Constipation Causes You Need To Know

Constipated? 5 Constipation Causes You Need To Know

Being constipated is just terrible. You feel the pain, the bloating, and feel as if you can’t fit anything else in your tummy. Well, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, around 16 percent of adults experience signs of constipation. And women are more likely to experience it than men.

You are constipated when your bowel movements are hard and chunky, painful or laborious to pass, or you can’t defecate for more than 3 days in a week. It’s not medically significant to have a bowel movement every day but it’s still uncomfortable if you don’t get to do it.

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So it’s best to determine what causes your constipation. Below are some of the usual culprits and how you can make things go a little smoother down there.

1. Vacations Make You Constipated

Going on a vacation and eating foods that you’re not used to eating can result to changes in your bowel habits. A quick fix for this problem is to eat foods that you would normally eat while on vacation. For example, you always eat fiber-fortified cereal in the morning.

Try to bring some with you. That may sound boring but it’s better than feeling miserable while on vacation when you should be enjoying everything.

2. You Stop Exercising

Most people who are on consistent work out schedules experience constipation when they stop. This occurs because when you suddenly change what your body is used to, different systems in your body are also affected.

That includes your intestines which process the food differently this time because you stopped exercising.

3. Stress can Cause Constipation

According to medical experts, patients can have irregular bowel habits as a result of too much stress. This is because of the enteric nervous system which is in the gut that’s in charge of gastrointestinal behavior. Stress or lack of sleep can affect your enteric nervous system and results to being constipated.

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4. Are You Taking Pain Medication?

People who just had surgery or are on long-term pain medication usually become constipated because of opioids or narcotics. These are common causes for constipation. So if you’re having this kind of problem, visit your doctor and ask if they can give you a stool softener that you can take with your medicines.

5. Not Drinking Enough Water

The key to relieving your constipation could be good hydration. It’s actually very important for you to get plenty of liquids if you have a high-fiber diet. Fiber won’t be effective if you don’t have enough liquid.

Don’t count coffee and other caffeinated drinks because these are dehydrating just like alcoholic drinks. Be sure to drink water daily, especially while you’re on a night out.

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