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A short duration of extreme anxiety, palpitations, and fear is a panic attack accompanying other symptoms like trembling, shortness of breath, heartbeat, and muscle tension. Sudden panic attacks are an indication of poor mental health.

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Symptoms and Causes

Although there is an unclarity about the exact cause of panic attacks. Still, factors like genetics, major stress, a sensitive temperament, and changes in brain functioning may play a role. Some of the symptoms of panic attacks are as follows: 

  • Sudden onset of intense fear or impending danger
  • Chills, hot flashes, and nausea
  • Fear of loss of control or death
  • Abdominal cramping and chest pain
  • Rapid, pounding heart rate
  • Dizziness, lightheadedness, or numbness
  • Sweating, trembling, or shaking
  • The feeling of unreality or detachment

Certain situations can trigger panic attacks and are related to the body’s fight-or-flight response, similar to how the body reacts in a life-threatening situation. Dysfunction in the amygdala and imbalances in neurotransmitters like GABA, cortisol, and serotonin may contribute to panic attacks and panic disorder.

Consult a doctor at Your Doctors Online for the correct diagnosis of the underlying reason of the panic disorder.

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FAQs About Panic Attacks

How long does it take to recover from anxiety and panic attacks?

To recover from panic attacks, you may have to first treat the underlying condition. It may take 3 months or more until the situation gets better. Consult our doctor at Your Doctors Online for the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks.

What are three treatments for panic disorder?

For panic attacks, the three main treatments include psychological treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy, and medications. Psychological treatment includes breathing exercises and meditation, and stress management.

How do you stop a panic attack fast?

A panic attack can be stopped rapidly by doing breathing exercises to take longer and deeper breaths and breath from the nose. This helps you focus on your breathing with closed eyes and help reduce the panic attack duration. Another strategy is the 333 rule. In this rule, you have to find three objects in your environment, and three moving body parts, and identify three sounds. This process helps in focusing and reducing the overwhelming effect of anxiety.

How long do panic attacks usually last?

A panic attack usually lasts around 5 to 20 minutes or, in some cases up to an hour. If someone has a more severe condition, the duration of the attack may be higher. If someone experiences panic attacks again and again, i.e., several times a week, he is more likely to have a longer duration than the one with less frequency, i.e., twice a month.

Can too many panic attacks damage your heart?

Yes, people with a higher panic attacks ratio are more likely to get heart disease than stress-free people. People who experience recurrent panic attacks are 36% more prone to heart attacks and 47% more likely to get heart disease than others.

How can I get instant relief from anxiety?

Instant relief can be obtained from anxiety breathing exercises, running for 5 minutes, and other relaxation techniques. Find what distracts your mind from the thought process and do it for a while to calm your nerves.

How can I calm my anxiety while pregnant?

During pregnancy, anxiety can be relieved by resting, modifying your diet, and trying breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. Other options are cognitive behavioral therapy and finding things you can control. Consult your provider for the treatment and management of anxiety during pregnancy.

What is the immediate treatment for a panic attack?

The instant panic attack treatment includes breathing exercises. Breathing slowly with deep breaths through the nose, counting to 5 with each inhale, and exhaling with closed eyes can help relax the body and treat a panic attack.

How do you stop panic attacks in the elderly?

Panic attacks can be treated in the elderly via anti-anxiety drugs prescribed by your doctor. However, these drugs have side effects, and doctors only prescribe these in extreme cases where other management options don’t work.

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