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The flu, caused by the influenza virus, is a widespread respiratory illness leading to symptoms like fever, body aches, coughing, and a runny nose. Pregnant women or individuals suffering from health issues are more prone to complications associated with influenza infection.

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  • Oseltamivir phosphate (Tamiflu®) 75mg
  • Take two times a day for five days


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Symptoms and Causes

Not everyone experiences all of the mentioned symptoms, but here are the ones commonly experienced:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Body aches
  • Cough
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Runny or stuffy nose (congestion)
  • Fatigue or feeling run down
  • Diarrhea or vomiting (typically in children)

The influenza virus causes the flu, primarily types A, B, and C. Influenza A and B are more common during winter and exhibit severe symptoms. Influenza C causes milder symptoms and occurs year-round. Subtypes like H1N1 (swine flu) and bird flu fall under influenza A.

The virus can lead to mild to severe illness, including death. It spreads through airborne droplets from coughing, sneezing, or talking. The infection is contagious usually from a day before symptoms to about four days after. Influenza viruses frequently mutate, potentially reducing the effectiveness of antibodies acquired from previous infections or vaccinations in our bodies. New strains may not be affected by existing antibodies.

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FAQs About Influenza

What causes the common cold or influenza?

A different virus causes the common cold, while influenza is the causal agent of flu. However, both cause respiratory infections and are contagious. The virus varies in case of cold, i.e., parainfluenza virus, seasonal coronaviruses, and rhinoviruses. Consult a doctor at Your Doctors Online for proper diagnosis and prescription of flu or cold.

What is the contagious period of the influenza?

The flu virus remains contagious from the day before the onset of symptoms till day 7 in otherwise healthy individuals. However, the contagion period may last several weeks in compromised immunity patients. Consult a doctor at Your Doctors Online for the prescription and treatment of the influenza virus.

What are the last stages of the flu?

There are three stages of influenza virus infection:
Day 1-3: Onset and progression of symptoms
Day 5-6: Patient starts feeling better
Day 8- Onwards: Recovery is almost complete, and the virus is no longer contagious
Some symptoms, like cough and fatigue, stay longer than eight days in some individuals, which get away over time.

How can I fight influenza fast?

Influenza infection can be treated rapidly with antiviral drugs like peramivir, oseltamivir, baloxavir, and zanamivir. These antiviral medications help reduce the duration of viral infection and ease the symptoms faster. Doctors prescribe these drugs for influenza A infection as well. Consult a doctor at Your Doctors Online for the treatment and prescription of influenza medications.

Can influenza go away on its own?

As influenza is a viral infection, it goes away within 3-5 days on its own but sometimes causes complications that need immediate medical attention. Also, keep your exposure to people at a minimum to reduce the risk of spreading the infection.

What mimics flu-like symptoms?

Some conditions like strep throat, COVID-19, bronchitis, meningitis, pneumonia, respiratory syncytial virus, and mononucleosis symptoms mimic the flu. Consult a doctor at Your Doctors Online for the diagnosis and prescription of your condition.

Can the flu be treated with antibiotics?

A virus causes influenza, so antibiotics do not work as they target bacterial infection. Consult a doctor at Your Doctors Online to prescribe antiviral medications for flu infection.

What are the over-the-counter medicines that can be used to treat influenza?

The over-the-counter flu medications mostly ease the symptoms like pain and inflammation. These include acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Aspirin is not given to children under 19 years old. Consult a doctor at Your Doctors Online to prescribe high-potency alternatives of ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

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