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Treatment for Hemorrhoids includes medications like Analpram, Proctocream HC, Anusol-AC (suppository), Protocort (suppository), Rectiv, and Nifedipine ointment. By getting the right dose and dosing frequency, you can get relief from all the related symptoms of Hemorrhoids. 

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Causes of hemorrhoids

There are various causes of hemorrhoids, as follows:

  • Pressure due to prolonged sitting habits, especially on the toilet, due to constipation, obesity, and a low-fiber diet.
  • Lifting weights can also increase pressure and cause hemorrhoids.
  • Increased pressure on the pelvic floor due to childbearing.
  • Gastrointestinal disorders like ulcerative colitis, colon cancer, and Crohn’s disease.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids cause:

  • Prolapsed hemorrhoids that may bulge outside the anus
  • Itching
  • Pain or discomfort while sitting
  • Pain
  • Bleeding around the anus
  • Swelling

Internal hemorrhoids are often asymptomatic but may cause:

  • Painless rectal bleeding
  • The presence of blood in the toilet, on toilet paper, or in stool is a common symptom.
  • A thrombosed hemorrhoid is a painful, hard lump that develops close to the anus.
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Treatment of hemorrhoids

For underlying constipation, Docusate Sodium 100 mg is prescribed, or Lactulose syrup is prescribed. For external hemorrhoids, Nitroglycerin (glyceryl trinitrate) 0.4% ointment is prescribed, and the route of administration is rectal. It is applied twice daily for 2-3 weeks. It is recommended that a pea-sized amount be applied twice per day. Anusol HC ointment is given at a 100mg dosage twice daily.

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How can you prevent hemorrhoids?

To prevent hemorrhoids, you can take the following steps:

  1. Eat a healthy diet consisting of plenty of fiber-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. t. Drinking water and other liquids can help keep stools soft and prevent constipation.
  2. Limit sitting on the toilet and avoid spending excessive time on the toilet as it can increase pressure on the veins in the lower rectum, leading to hemorrhoids.
  3. Manage constipation and work with your healthcare provider to manage constipation effectively and prevent straining during bowel movements. Stool softeners or fiber supplements may be recommended to ease bowel movements.
  4. Being overweight can increase the risk of developing hemorrhoids, so maintaining at healthy weight is important for prevention.

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  • Anusol HC (ointment) 100mg 
  • Apply this ointment twice a day for one week
  • Don’t use it during pregnancy or breastfeeding

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FAQs about hemorrhoids online treatment

What is the best prescription medicine for hemorrhoids?

The most effective prescription medications for hemorrhoids include corticosteroids, astringents like witch hazel or zinc oxide, local anesthetics like lidocaine to alleviate pain, and vasoconstrictors to shrink the hemorrhoids. For less severe cases, medication suppositories may also work. For itching caused by hemorrhoids, you can use witch hazel and hydrocortisone cream. Surgical intervention or rubber band ligation may be required in extreme cases.

What do doctors prescribe for severe hemorrhoids?

Naproxen, hydrocortisone, or pramoxine are some of the medications that doctors may recommend for severe hemorrhoids. A few examples of well-known brands of these drugs are Analpram, Pramasone, Mezparox, Proctocream HC, and Anusol HC cream.

What medicine shrinks hemorrhoids fast?

Common over-the-counter remedies for hemorrhoids include anti-inflammatory medications, local anesthesia, topical creams, and corticosteroid wipes. These have shown efficacy in relieving hemorrhoid-related swelling and discomfort. In addition, you can alleviate pain by taking ibuprofen, aspirin, or acetaminophen.

Does prescription hemorrhoid cream work?

When used as directed, prescription hemorrhoid creams can improve the discomfort, and swelling, and itching that often accompany these painful bumps. Phenylephrine, lidocaine, zinc oxide, lanolin, and glycerin is one of the active components in these creams that help relieve pain, numb the area, and protect the skin.

How to get rid of external hemorrhoids without surgery?

External hemorrhoids can be removed without surgery using other options like injections known as sclerotherapy, rubber band ligation called hemorrhoid banding, laser, infrared or bipolar coagulation, cold compress, over-the-counter creams, and stool softeners.

What is the fastest way to heal a thrombosed hemorrhoid?

The fastest way to heal a thrombosed hemorrhoid, if it is external, is surgical excision or anti-inflammatory medications that relieve inflammation and pain. Other options include giving it time, using stool softeners, eating a high-fiber diet, and using topical creams to help ease the symptoms. Consult a doctor at Your Doctors Online immediately if your hemorrhoid is not improving and is causing pain and bleeding.

Do I need to see a doctor for a thrombosed hemorrhoid?

You should see a doctor if your thrombosed hemorrhoid becomes painful, bleeds, and causes anus swelling and inflammation. Doctors can either physically remove the clot to relieve the symptoms or may prescribe you medications for the quick recovery of the hemorrhoid. You can consult a doctor virtually at Your Doctors Online to treat thrombosed hemorrhoids.

How do you stop hemorrhoids from getting worse?

You can stop hemorrhoids from worsening or flaring up by exercising regularly, taking time, treating the clot, banding, hemorrhoidectomy, applying topical treatments to reduce swelling and inflammation, and eating a fiber-rich diet. Additionally, improve your sitting posture, especially on the toilet, and don’t sit for too long. Consult a doctor for treatment and prescription of hemorrhoids at Your Doctors Online.

What is better for hemorrhoid cream or suppositories?

Different types of hemorrhoids require different types of suppositories and creams. Internal hemorrhoids are best treated with suppositories. These are inserted into the rectum, and medicine is gradually released into the affected area, resulting in longer-lasting relief. External hemorrhoids are better treated with topical ointments and creams because they relieve swelling, burning, and pain faster. Even though suppositories take a little longer to work, the medicine is absorbed more slowly, so you feel better over time. On the other hand, topical medications like creams and ointments provide rapid relief once applied. Effective relief from hemorrhoids requires selecting the right treatment according to the type of hemorrhoids you have.

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