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Crabs are the lice in the pubic area that causes intense itching and can transfer during sex or via close skin contact. However, it is entirely treatable via anti-lice treatment like 1% permethrin lotion.

If you experience intense itching along the pubic area and itch worsens at night, it’s probably crabs. Get crab disease treatment without leaving your home with Your Doctors Online.

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  • Permethrin 1% 
  • Apply it twice a day after bathing for two weeks.

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Symptoms and Causes

The symptoms appear five days after the initial exposure to the lice. The most common symptoms of crabs or pubic lice are:

  • Intense itching on the pubic area
  • Lice eggs in the form of small white dots on the skin
  • Black lice dropping on the underwear
  • Low fever
  • Blue spots on the legs, buttocks, and lower abdomen

Lice can transfer through surfaces and skin-to-skin contact, and sex is a standard transmission route in sexually active people. Also, poor personal hygiene can cause crabs. Animals do not spread pubic lice.

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FAQs About Crabs

Can I use head lice treatment for crabs?

Yes, pubic lice can be treated with head lice lotion like 1% permethrin or a piperonyl butoxide and pyrethrins mousse.

Do I need to wash bedding and clothes after treatment for crabs?

You must wash your garments, bedding, and towel after treatment, as the lice or crabs can live for up to 24 hours on non-living surfaces like towels, bedding, and undergarments. Therefore, soak your clothes and personal items in hot water and dry using a hot dryer cycle of at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid re-exposure to the same lice and reinfection.

Do pubic crabs go away without treatment?

Pubic lice or crabs are parasites that live on the human body and do not leave voluntarily. Therefore, they need treatment for the removal from the body. They can also transmit sexually through skin contact. Hence, you need therapy for completely removing lice from the body via lotions or creams containing permethrin.

What is the fastest way to get rid of body lice?

The fastest way to remove the lice from the body is by preventing exposure to lice on exposed surfaces and clothes, washing at least twice a day after 6-8 hours of anti-lice cream treatment, and reapplying the cream after bathing and treating your used clothes and bedding with hot water washing and ironing before wearing them again.

Will lice go away on their own?

No, lice don’t go away independently and can cause skin inflammation if not treated promptly. Moreover, it can spread from you to your family members or anyone who comes in contact with you. Meanwhile, it can cause intense itching, redness, and inflammation. Therefore, seek a doctor online immediately to get anti-lice treatment without facing the troubles of physical visits and avoiding spreading to others on your way out.

Why is my head still itchy after lice treatment?

It may take a week more after the treatment for the lice to leave the body entirely and kill the lice eggs. Therefore even after treatment, it can itch as a body’s reaction to empty any last remains of the lice from your pores. Consequently, it is always best to get a follow-up to resolve any lingering doubts and be safe.

What is the strongest pubic lice treatment?

The strongest pubic or crab lice treatment is only recommended if over-the-counter medicines like 1% permethrin shampoo don’t work. Then your doctor may prescribe stronger alternatives like Malathion which is applied for 8-12 hours on the affected area and then washed off.

Will pubic lice go away without treatment?

Like lice elsewhere on the body, pubic lice or crabs also don’t go away without treatment. Consult our online doctors at Your Doctors Online for treating and prescribing pubic lice or crab infection treatment.

What happens if pubic lice are left untreated?

If pubic lice is not treated timely, it can spread to other parts of the body, and the affected area will have persistent itching and inflammation, which can cause skin infections. Therefore, consult a doctor online if you have pubic lice.

Can pubic lice make you sick?

Although it doesn’t transmit other diseases directly, continuous intense itching in the pubic area can lead to scratching, inflammation, and bacterial infection from the damaged skin. Therefore, it is advised to get treatment for the pubic lice as soon as possible.

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