Women’s Health Guide to Lube and Sex

Last modified: August 2, 2019

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Lube can satisfy a multitude of sexual health needs and women’s health altogether. It can keep you turned on longer during a very lengthy sex session, make things more slippery, or even introduce you to new types of fun. The heart of the matter is that lube is sensationally wonderful.

Try to stock up on a bottle of it. It will be great for your sexual health and overall women’s health. Here are some helpful considerations that you might want to remember.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Using Lube

Using lube doesn’t mean that your body is not functioning as it should be. Using it can actually make you an expert on sex and the emissary of your own personal pleasure. It will help you satisfy sexual health needs and women’s health in general. If someone tells you that something might be wrong with your body just because you use lube, that person is the one who has issues.

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Oil Based Lube Doesn’t Mix Well with Condoms

Baby oil, petroleum jelly, and oil based lube can all deteriorate the latex in condoms which can cause breakage. What’s the point of putting protection on if you will just break it in the end or while having sex. Be reminded of this fact if condoms are you’re the only type of birth control that you use. You might endanger your sexual health, especially overall women’s health.

Silicone Lube is Not to Be used with Silicone Sex Toys

This particular type of lube can cause your silicone toy to become faulty or even disintegrate. On the other hand, this will be great for water play. Depending on your preference in sex, this type might be good for women’s health or anyone’s sexual health.

Women’s Health Guide to Lube and Sex

Silicone Lube Works Well with Condoms

Silicon based lube lasts longer than water based ones and works well with both condoms and non-silicone sex toys. Although a popular type of lube, water based ones have a tendency to dry out more quickly. This will result to reapplying it during your sex marathon. For those who have high sexual health needs, remember this bit of information. This will also benefit women’s health broadly.

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Some Popular Types of Lube Can Lead to Infections

This important detail corresponds well with sexual health and even women’s health in general. For those who are prone to yeast infections or any other infections in your nether region, read on.

Research published in 2013 in Obstetrics & Gynecology found that women who used products that weren’t supposed to go inside their lady part like oils or Vaseline resulted to having higher rates of yeast and other bacterial infections. The main reason is most likely that the products disturbed their pH levels.

If you don’t want to take a long leave from your sex life, stay away from glycerin as well. It is usually found in many water based lubricants. According to experts, glycerin can cause yeast infection or a smelly infection called bacterial vaginosis.

As a precautionary measure when choosing the right lube for you, read the ingredients. As an added bit of detail, glycerin can also be found in laxatives. Lubes with this ingredient may not go well with anal sex. So, do some research and tailor your lube choice to your needs and preferences. Your sexual health will thank you for it and women’s health will do the same.

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Saliva Works Well Too

Saliva is free, organic, and very readily available when you need it. It might dry out quicker though, so it might not be the best option if you’re in for nonstop sex. For regularly length session on quickies, this will do the trick. Sexual health and women’s health in general will definitely be satisfied.

Choose What Lube is More Applicable for You

Every individual is different from the other, so lube choice depends on your bodily makeup and preferences in sex. Employ some trial and error to find out which one works for you the best. Each person’s sex experience is unique, so just try and see what helps you achieve that crazy pleasure. Your sexual health and overall women’s health will be very grateful once you get everything worked out.

Submitted by Dr. Richard Honaker: http://www.independentmedicalexaminer.com/IME-Directory/Virginia/Dr-Richard-A-Honaker-MD.asp

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