Are You Bored with Sex? Health, Wellness Could Be the Cause

Last modified: August 2, 2019

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According to the survey results of a current BMJ Open Study, out of the 6,669 British women and 4,839 British men participants who’ve had at least one consistent lover the past year, 34.2 percent of the women and 15 percent of the men were found to be bored and lacking interest in sex.

The research found that lack of interest in sex was more prevalent in women who had been in a relationship that lasted for over a year. As it happens, women who had been in a relationship between one and five years were 45 percent more inclined to get bored and lose interest in sex than those who had been in a relationship that hasn’t reached the one year mark yet.

Women who are in a relationship between five and fifteen years were 137 percent more inclined and women who are in a relationship for more than 15 years were 131 percent more inclined to get bored and lose interest in sex.

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What may happen in the UK doesn’t really portray or depict what is happening in other countries. As a forewarning, there’s a fair likelihood that loss of interest or getting bored over time is happening in relationships all over the world as well.

Logically, what you can obtain can also be mislaid or even vanish. So why is this happening? Can you do something about it? Ignoring it may not be the better option to preserve your health and wellness. If neither you nor your partner remains interested in intimate sessions, negative assumptions would likely be made.

One or both may feel like the other is no longer attracted to the person and not just the activity. To understand the situation better, ask yourself these questions.

Do you feel and think that you are with the right person?

When relationships last longer and you start to get bored and lose interest in sex, there’s a possibility that you are staying with the person who’s not right for you. If you are in a relationship, you might actually be with the wrong person.

As reported by Today, a mathematician named Peter Backus tallied his chances of finding love at 1 in 285,000 in his study called “Why I Don’t Have a Girlfriend,” and revealed that his chances is 28 times worse than the chances of the New York Jets winning this year’s Super Bowl. Your chances might be a little bit better than his, who eventually got married.

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Most people can be practically clueless at knowing what is good and right for them. Finding the right one is difficult and will need tons of patience. Getting involved in a relationship can be a result of impulse. Superficial appearance, momentary lust, needing a date for a company outing, fear of being alone, or plenty of other evanescent reasons aside from real compatibility could propel you to go into a relationship with someone or anyone.

As time goes by, you could start to realize that what you got into was not what you are really looking for to begin with. And once you’re in that situation, social pressures, fear of the unknown, fear of being alone, and stasis can pose difficulties in leaving that same situation. As a result everything is affected, even your own health and wellness.

Are You Bored with Sex?

Are you always working and engaged in many other things?

If you can’t find the time to have sex because of multiple responsibilities and hobby commitments, try to prioritize by arranging and organizing sex time. Remember that sex contributes a great deal to the health and wellness of women in general. Be sure to factor in both your transit times before and after sex. It will be a real damper to call and say that you will have to reschedule because you’re stuck in traffic.

Do you talk about the problem?

Getting bored or lack of interest in sex can be a difficult topic that both partners may avoid talking about. Discussing the problem is the only way to achieving concrete solutions. You could discover unambiguous elucidations as to why you make excuses.

And once everything is clear, both of you can formulate and agree on the solutions that you will need to make things better. Both men and women will have mental and physical health and wellness benefits from the resolution.

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Is either of you thoroughly unsatisfactory at sex?

As they say, it takes two to tango. Both men and women would have to synchronize their movements, rhythm, and timing. No one can really perform exceptionally well during the first time. Some may need to practice more and some may even need coaching.

Since sex is very personalized, both of you have to communicate about the things that you like to do and the ones that you don’t. So, to avoid getting bored or losing interest in sex, try to improve your skills. Your health and wellness will also improve.

Are both of you in shape?

You don’t have to be an Olympic-caliber athlete and athletic abilities do not equate with expertise. But sex is first and foremost a physical activity that entails some level of health and physical preparations. Try to make some alterations in your diet and exercise a bit more.

Physicality can make a big difference. If you’re still having problems, it would be best to consult your doctor. An expert may provide you with what you need to do to get in better shape and some other health and wellness advice so as not to get bored or lose interest in sex.

Are You Bored with Sex?

Does either of you have a medical problem?

Severe health conditions like hormone imbalances, infections, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, neurological problems, and others could be the reason. It would be better to seek professional help to receive proper treatment.

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Are medications, drugs, or alcohol involved?

All of these can contribute to inhibiting desires or may result to some side effects that can make sex more strenuous. As a result the person could get bored and not bother to try at all. Sometimes, a noticeable sudden change in desire for sex can be the initial manifestation of addiction. This results to diminishing health and wellness for both men and women.

Has the freshness and creativity worn off?

Each relationship needs to grow and adapt. It cannot be just a routine like buying monthly groceries. Everybody gets bored with any routine. You need to consistently exert effort to invest in and preserve it. Try to incorporate different ways of spicing up your sex time. There are plenty of health and wellness tips that you can try. If your other half doesn’t want to try new things, it could be a sign that you’re not with the right person.

Do you feel stressed, anxious, depressed, or mentally struggling?

Loss of sexual desires can be a signal that something’s not right. Your overall health and wellness becomes affected too. One reason could be is that your partner is the one who’s not right in your life but it could also be something else. If you believe that your struggles are stopping you from being sexually interested in your partner, consult your doctor.

Could it be that you just don’t like sex?

Everybody has different levels of sexual desire. Nobody can really tell you how much sex you should want. Having a sexless relationship is not entirely a bad one as long as both of you are in the same page, that both of you are truly happy with what you have. Relationships are primarily about suitability. Each and every one has their own health and wellness standards. What’s good for one may not be good for the other and vice versa.

You should be careful about overly discovering plenty of other excuses for loss of desire other than what was mentioned above. It can take you a long time to repress and clarify why you are not getting what you truly want. If you talk with some people who have undergone a divorce, you’ll find out that intimacy disappeared years before legally ending their marriage.

It’s actually normal to remain in relationships even after you realized that your partner wasn’t the right one. As a result, both of you just waste time that could have been used more productively. Loss of interest in sex is an early indicator of failure in a relationship. So, don’t take it for granted. Talk about the problem and find out if it can still be fixed.

If the reason is not easily repairable, it could be an indication that you’re not meant for each other. You don’t have to be afraid of the unknown or of being alone. You might just find someone who will be more suitable for you.

Do you have sexual health and relationship questions you need answered? We have doctors ready to chat with you, for free. Fire those pressing questions about sex away and improve your health and wellness today.

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