What is the Best Online Doctor Consultation Portal in India?

Last modified: August 2, 2019

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Getting quality medical advice in any country is difficult. Our doctors and North American specialists have identified a few key countries that we get most of our medical questions from. One being India. With over 50,000 member using our free online doctor consultation portal, our doctors are readily available to help, regardless of where you are at in the world.


What is the Best Online Doctor Consultation Portal in India?

There are definitely a lot of online doctor consultation portals available to people in India in need of professional medical advice. However, there are very few that are 100 percent free with no credit card required to get health questions answered in minutes. That is where our online doctor chat fits.

Unlike any other online doctor consultation portal in India, we connect our members with doctors in North America and specialists for no charge. This makes the service one of the best. The online medical advice we deliver covers a wide range of health issues, like pregnancy, stomach problems, pain management, sexual health, mental health, and so much more.

Our Top Online Doctor Chat Questions from India

Since our doctors and specialists are available online 24/7, we get a whole lot of questions. In India, we have narrowed down a number of medical questions in multiple health areas. To better help our members and potential members in India, we want to cover a few of these common medical questions here.

Am I Pregnant?

This is a very common question coming from our members in India. Knowing if you are pregnant is a big life moment and sometimes people want professional advice that is discreet. This is why so many people come to our free online doctor consultation portal for pregnancy advice.

In fact, one of our online doctor chat members didn’t even know she was pregnant until she talked with one of our OBGYN specialists online. If you think you are pregnant, connect with an online doctor and get the facts you need to know in minutes.

free medical advice online doctors

My Periods are Irregular. What can be the Reason?

Women health issues is one of our specialties, and we get a lot of medical questions from our India members about period problems. For women, the menstrual cycle can often be irregular depending on a number of factors, like exercise, diet, pregnancy, cancer, and more.

Getting professional medical advice about period issues may be something women would rather get online due to many reasons. Our online doctor consultation portal is open 24/7 to give those menstrual cycle answers to our members in India.

Am I in Labor?

“Am I in labor?” is another very common question we get via our online doctor chat from our India members. Knowing if you are in labor is a very important moment, and can be a bit scary too. The online doctors and specialists we have available 24/7 in India can help.

In fact, we had one incident where one of our members was indeed in labor and needed to delay labor until emergency medical personnel could reach her. Our doctors did just that and she delivered her baby girl without issue. If you are pregnant, become one of our members in India and be ready for anything.

Online Doctor Consultation Portal on a Mobile App

To better help our members in India, we are launching a mobile app for Android and iOS. The app, like our online doctor consultation portal is 100 percent free, no credit card required. You can always have a doctor in your pocket available to you for free so you can get quality medical advice online whenever and wherever you need it.

We are Here To Serve Our Members in India

If you need professional doctors at your fingertips in India, our North American doctors and specialists are available 24/7 for free. Simply click here to signup, no credit card required, and start chatting with a doctor for free in minutes.

Our India members are amazing and we want them to get health questions answered when they need it the most. Join us today and get the best online doctor consultation portal and access to doctors anytime.

free medical advice online doctors

Disclaimer: This article provides general information and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or medical condition. If you require specific advice, please consult one of our medical professionals through the app. However, in case of an emergency, please call 911.

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