Trump News on Health Care Repeal Good or Bad?

Last modified: June 6, 2019

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Latest Trump news is bad for Obamacare. But could a Republican health care repeal be good for America? It is difficult to say, since there are multiple sides dissecting the issue.

President-elect Donald Trump is demanding a speedy health care repeal for the Affordable Care Act.

Many think that passing another health care law quickly is an almost impossible goal. Especially since it took almost two years to get the last one up and running.

However, the newest health care woes may put online doctors into perspective.

Trump News on Health Care Repeal Good or Bad?

Clock is Ticking for Trump Health Care Repeal, Says Latest Trump News

Republicans will only have a few weeks, according to latest Trump news. Trump told The New York Times that they need to get busy, and that Obamacare is a catastrophe.

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The latest Trump news about the health care repeal also seems to be anyone’s guess, since Congress has voting already scheduled. Trump wants the repeal votes to happen next week with a replacement happening fast.

Trump News on Health Care Repeal Good or Bad?

Latest Trump News on Health Care Repeal has Many Wondering if He Can “Pull it Off”

If anyone can get a vote on a health care repeal and quickly replace it within weeks, it would be Donald Trump. He certainly captivated America with his stunning win over Hillary Clinton.

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Trump news on the repeal says that the Senate and House Committee will have until January 7, to write new legislation. Senator Susan Collins of Maine said repealing and replacing Obamacare at the same time would be an ideal situation.

Trump News on Health Care Repeal Good or Bad?

Trump News on Repeal Puts Online Health Care into Perspective

The latest Trump news on health care repeal certainly puts online health care into perspective. Who knows what will become of affordable American health care for at least the next few years.

Many Americans are now browsing for medical advice online. In fact, 72 percent of those online search for health information via the internet.

Getting medical advice or second opinions online has become easier, faster, and in some cases life-saving than traditional means.

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You can log on to a medical advice platform and talk to a doctor online within minutes in some cases. And you can ask that doctor any range of medical questions that concern you.

It may even be more affordable, especially when examining the state of national health care reform. Is it good? Bad? Or maybe even a bit politically ugly?

One thing remains, Americans need affordable health care, and many families need it now.

Have you used a doctor online? We want to hear about your experience.

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