Top 5 Best Pregnancy Apps For Android and iOS

Last modified: June 6, 2019

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Pregnancy is an incredible journey but no matter how much you plan, you’re bound to experience a few surprises, bouts of sickness, and unexpected emotions along the way.

With today’s busy lifestyle, we know that it’s hard to find the time and energy to physically visit a doctor or do research on pregnancy. This is the reason why we have handpicked best pregnancy apps for expecting moms (dads can benefit from this too!

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Top 5 Best Pregnancy Apps For Android and iOS

1. Ovia Pregnancy App

The Ovia app not only helps you track your week by week pregnancy progress but also provides health coaching, personalized content, and tips for important topics such as breastfeeding preparation, mental health and gestational diabetes.

You can browse through 2000+ pregnancy articles, customized your health tracker, connect with other moms-to-be, and even record your mood at a particular day.

The app also features tools that help you stay safe throughout pregnancy. The Food Safety Lookup, the Symptoms Lookup, and the Medication Safety Lookup, help you answer any questions you may have about your diet, health or medications.

Available on iOS and Android

2. Hello Belly

Hello Belly is a colorful, interactive, subscription based app which is one of the best pregnancy apps for both moms and dads. It’s simple language, practical tips and a touch of humor can be a big help when dealing with pregnancy situations such as nausea and aches.  

The app helps you understand what’s happening with your body, if it’s normal and what should you do about it. It also features checklists and digests, yoga video classes and 3D visualizations of the womb to help you with your pregnancy.

Available on iOS and Android

3. Sprout

Another baby pregnancy app to have on your phone is Sprout. Want to know why? It made it to the list of

Top 50 Apps of the Year published by Time magazine a couple of years back and is a one-stop solution for a lot of your pregnancy concerns.

With Sprout you can have a personalized timeline, create checklists, have daily updates your baby’s development and count your baby’s kicks!

The app also features next generation 3D interaction that can help you visualize your baby’s movements, kicking, and heartbeat. It also helps you maintain a pregnancy journal to document your belly photos, thoughts and favorite moments.

Available on iOS and Android

4. WebMD Pregnancy

There are not many twin pregnancy apps, in particular, but if you’re having twins or multiples, WebMD app can help you customize your timeline to get twin specific content. This can help you manage your pregnancy in a better manner.

Additionally, the free app offers trusted health information for expecting parents and helps moms and dads track their baby’s growth and development on a weekly basis. The app also houses over 900 doctor-approved articles, videos, slideshows and quizzes, safety tips, and expert-curated checklists.

Available on iOS

5. Your Doctors Online

Having apps on your phone is great but what if you have a question which is specific to your pregnancy and can only be answered by a physician? We have you covered for that too.

Your Doctors Online application provides you instant, free-of-charge access to North American doctors who can answer your pregnancy queries at any time of the day! In addition to connecting you to doctors, the app also provides access to pregnancy articles which address topics ranging from menstrual cycles and conception to labor and postpartum care.

Available on Android

So, with a little help from technology, you keep a track of their health, eat right, know which exercises are best for you, understand your symptoms, and even consult a doctor – all from the comfort of your own home!

free medical advice online doctors

Disclaimer: This article provides general information and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or medical condition. If you require specific advice, please consult one of our medical professionals through the app. However, in case of an emergency, please call 911.

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