9 Serious Signs You May Have Hormonal Imbalance Just for Women

Last modified: August 2, 2019

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Do you have rising depression, anxiety, or digestion issues? There are a number of hormonal imbalance signs that women need to take very seriously! Here are nine of them.

Hormone imbalance can happen to anyone from birth to death and not just for women who are in menopause. It’s just that women’s health during the age around 40s and 50s is when pronounced hormone imbalance usually occurs.

However, it can happen as early as their mid-30s. Just for women, more and more are having symptoms of hormone imbalance because of daily exposure to pollution, toxins, and xenoestrogens, which are artificial chemicals that serve as estrogen in women’s bodies.

Not to mention the different lifestyle and diet that most people have today that puts women’s health at stake. The following are the most common symptoms of hormone imbalance.

1. Tenacious Weight Gain

Lifestyle, diet, and physical activity are some of the usual components in maintaining a healthy weight and preserving overall women’s health. Just for women though, most have concealed hormone imbalance that makes it more difficult to achieve and keep a healthy weight.

One of the most common culprits is unaddressed or emerging insulin resistance. To combat this condition, make some changes in your diet like avoiding processed foods, sugars, and wheat.

Belly Fat Hormonal Imbalance Women's Health

2. Belly Fat and Loss of Muscle Mass

An underproduction of specific hormones and an overproduction of others like cortisol are what happen when the endocrine system is overworked or fatigued. As a result, your body stores more fat than the usual for future use, which increases your belly fat.

3. Low Sex Drive

This is one of the very noticeable symptoms of hormone imbalance and it starts with having disturbed sleep. And without enough restful sleep sex hormone production can either dwindle or decrease significantly.

4. Exhaustion

Just for women, if you can’t get past mid-morning without having coffee or anything that will pick you up or if you get very tired during mid-afternoon, remember that it’s not normal. It’s never normal to feel lethargic, aimless, and mentally obscured.

Try to make some dietary changes by getting rid of wheat and most grains. It will help your body to have a stabilized blood sugar and women’s health in general will surely benefit from this.

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5. Anxiety and Depression

These are symptoms of hormone imbalance, toxicity, that you’re overworked, stressed out, and that your body is most likely not getting the nourishment that it needs. This doesn’t apply just for women but to everyone else. Both men and women’s health are affected by this. Listen to your body. Make the necessary adjustments to ensure that your needs are met.

Poor Sleep Habits Hormonal Imbalance

6. Insomnia and Poor Sleeping Habits

Lack of sleep directly causes hormone imbalance. It is the beginning of the cycle of physical stress and it even escalates cortisol levels. Insomnia actually affects every part of your life. This is another of those symptoms that’s not just for women and affects both men and women’s health.

7. Sweat

Just for women, night sweats and hot flashes are the first troubled signs that something is wrong. Most of the time emotions are the trigger that heightens internal temperature for women’s health in general. So the next time you feel the flashes coming, breathe and relax.

Think about what you’ve been thinking before you felt the onset of the flashes. You may not need hormone replacement therapy yet, but it’s better to start making some changes to make your life better.

Start a food journal where you record what you eat and drink, how you feel physically, and all the emotions that manifest after.

8. Digestion Issues

Gas, bloating, and slow digestion are usual hormonal problems that are not typically linked with hormone imbalance. They can actually be connected with eating bad foods, not chewing your food properly, and eating too much.

If you don’t have ideal digestion, your body is famished because of deficient nutrient extraction. This is also another symptom that’s not just for women and affects both men and women’s health.

9. Cravings

Frequent sources of cravings and excess eating are insulin resistance, adrenal fatigue, and other hormone imbalance. Because this concerns not just for women, both men and women’s health suffer from this problem.

Minimize your intake of sugars, alcohol, dairy, and wheat. It may be difficult, but it will help control your cravings and manage your digestive problems as well.

Most of the mentioned symptoms above can also be associated with other physical problems. A simple blood test can determine if there are other unrevealed issues.

By employing constant endeavor to enhancing diet and digestive health, stress management, regular physical activities, and improving your sleep patterns, counteracting any hormone imbalance is possible. As a result, genuine holistic men and women’s health can be achieved.

Do you have any of these hormonal imbalance symptoms? If you do, you should talk with a doctor. It could be nothing, or it may be something more serious threatening your heath and wellness. You can connect and chat with a doctor for free online today. Simply click the button below and begin chatting with a doctor now! 

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