Retirement Medical Costs: Do You Have a Finance Plan?

Last modified: August 2, 2019

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Planning for retirement medical costs is more important than ever. How much will you need? What coverage is right for you? Create your healthcare finance plan using the following tips.

Planning for all the things that you would like to do when you retire might result to having long lists of hobbies and passions that you want to undertake and places that you want to visit. With such ambitions in mind for your retirement, you certainly don’t want any of those allotted amounts to go to the payment of medical costs.

As stated by a 2015 report on retirement medical costs, a healthy couple who retire at the age of 65 in the US have an expectation of paying over $250,000 in expected medical costs. Factor unexpected health events to that and the number could go much higher.

Out of all the health events that will most likely incur higher medical costs, these are the most expensive: in-home assistance and supervision, long term support at an assisted retirement facility, prescription medication, dental accidents and exigencies, and extended hospitalizations.

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Thankfully, there are a few ways on how you can make sure that you’re prepared to manage both expected and unforeseen retirement medical costs. By planning ahead, you can maintain your finance situation in good standing.

You can even work with a professional in the finance field to ensure that you will be ready to take on unanticipated situations. According to finance experts, the following are the best strategies for advanced preparation.

Retirement Finance Plan

Know How Much to Save for Retirement Medical Costs

In terms of overall investing and savings strategies, don’t strictly follow the methods that you read online. Healthcare medical costs are very much a case-by-case basis. There are healthcare medical costs calculating tools available online that can serve as an adequate guiding principle for your first framework for a savings strategy.

Calculations may not be exact, but they make for a good foundation for further discussions with an expert in the finance field. In regards to any component of a retirement savings strategy, discussing about your individual situation and needs with your chosen finance expert is a great way to be prepared.

You can’t really put everyone under just one and the same finance centered path, but it’s vital for everyone to have at least an established retirement plan.

Identify the Best Insurance Policy for Retirement

Owning sufficient insurance to lessen the medical costs related with healthcare in retirement could sound like an easy decision, but plenty of Americans continue to be under-covered because of the common belief that Medicare will handle most of the health medical costs after the age of 65.

Be reminded that Medicare only covers extremely particular and fixed expenses for those who meet specific conditions. For example, it may take care of most blood tests and X-rays, but it won’t pay for hearing aids, dental aids, or custodial care.

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In terms of long-term support like staying in nursing homes, personal appropriation could soar. Not to mention that regular fees, such as premiums, deductibles, co-payments, lab work, and prescriptions will add up to notable amounts.

The following are some of the usual options for retiree insurance:

  • Self-insuring, which may not be practical for most people, but makes sense in some circumstances.
  • Classic long-term care insurance, wherein you shell out for a monthly premium. Hybrid policies that consist of both long-term care and a life insurance death benefit to inheritors in case the LTC coverage becomes unused
  • Chronic illness riders that a few life insurance companies now provide. This option permits retirees to get a part of their death benefit if they require money for chronic illness treatment or other long-term health problems.

Advisors in the finance field can aid you in identifying the appropriate combination of supplemental insurance choices to supply what’s missing in Medicare’s coverage.

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Planning Healthcare Costs

Put Together a Retirement Income Plan

Aside from having a strong insurance strategy and an established reliable guideline for finance, there are some techniques on how you can improve the final total of your retirement account.

You may have a remarkable cushion attached to your healthcare savings strategy, but it’s also crucial that you have a source of guaranteed income like what you can get from an annuity. This will help beyond what you could get from social security or a pension plan.

At the retirement age of anyone’s life, it’s very important to have investments that are not completely dependent on the fluctuations of the stock market.

Remember that there has never been a rising market that has surpassed a 10-year anniversary. Market falls in the years 2000 and 2008 pushed plenty of people to work past their planned retirement age. And for those who have unpredictable health conditions, returning to the workforce may not be an alternative in case of another market plunge.

There are channels or agencies that can safeguard a part of a person’s savings in retirement like the earlier mentioned annuity.

Your selected path will be dependent on an abundance of factors like age, risk tolerance, and your own financial plans.

Examining healthcare medical costs for retirement may not be as exciting as planning a much-awaited river cruise around Europe. However, it is very necessary. Establishing the appropriate system or strategy together with having a trusted advisor in finance can protect you against the monetary effect of an unforeseen health event.

The rise in online healthcare has also opened up a new window for people to obtain quality health advice, regardless of where you are in the world. Our panel of doctors can make the difference in your medical costs before and after retirement. Contact us today to learn more about our membership program.

Submitted by Dr. Richard Honaker:

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