9 Nasty Pregnancy Secrets Pregnant Women Don’t Talk About

Last modified: August 2, 2019

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Having your own child is definitely a blessing and plenty of people dreams of having their own little ones. Planting the seed may be easy for some people, but it doesn’t end on the pleasurable way of initiating the formation of life.

Pregnant women have to undergo some pretty nasty body changes, the delivery is painful, and raising a child is never an easy feat. Expect a lot of adjustment, pain, and hard work. To help everyone who is planning to have a baby, here are pregnancy secrets that you definitely should know about.

1. The Worst Possible Skin Condition

For pregnant women it’s not just going through your teenage years again. It can be the worst version of that. You’ll most likely experience having nasty cystic acne on your neck, behind your ears, your chin, on your chest and back. Be on the lookout for this in your first trimester and after.

Some may experience the opposite and get flawless skin during the entire pregnancy, but will still get the worst skin right after giving birth. Thank your hormones for your extreme skin conditions. This will certainly be one of the pregnancy secrets that can contribute to emotional outbursts.

9 Nasty Pregnancy Secrets Pregnant Women Don’t Talk About

2. Supercharged Up Nose

Aside from constant nosebleeds and running nose, the sense of smell of pregnant women will be extremely sensitive. You will absolutely think that you have acquired a nasty smell no matter how much you clean yourself.

You’ll find the smell of certain foods offensive. You’ll even be able to tell what other people ate through the smell of their pee. This particular bit of the pregnancy secrets can certainly trigger vomiting.

3. Lingering Morning Sickness

For some pregnant women, morning sickness ends after the first trimester. For some, they vomit through the entire pregnancy and even up to the delivery.

That’s twice the nasty conditions of having contractions while puking. Some even find themselves in hospitals because of dehydration. This is one of those pregnancy secrets that make everything worse.

4. Your Body Breaks Down

Pregnant women experience unexplainable random numbness, painful sciatica, pregnant backaches, headaches, and very nasty heartburn. You may feel like your unborn baby is crawling up your throat and sharp pains in your groin as if you have a cannonball inside there.

You may also feel pregnancy aches and cramps in the soles of your feet and even fainting whenever you have a warm shower. What’s worse is you can even experience more than what was mentioned. The best solution to this problematic item in the list of pregnancy secrets is to find a chiropractor and try to get one of those shower stools for the elderly.

9 Nasty Pregnancy Secrets Pregnant Women Don’t Talk About

5. Your Mouth Will Betray You

Pregnant women snore. Sometimes you snore so loudly that you end up waking yourself up. Not to mention you wake up with your mouth open and drooling that you notice your hair and pillow are soaked by your own saliva. It will also become normal for you to drool at all times no matter where you are.

It’s also possible for you to spray your saliva when you eat as if you’re salivating like a rabies-infected canine. Everything will also taste wrong as if whatever you eat tastes like metal. This is definitely a nasty detail of pregnancy secrets, especially if you’re a foodie.

6. Sweat and Hair Will Rule your Body

Just like most pregnant women, your body may react to hormones like you’ve become a werewolf. You’ll be sweating all the time, which could result to leaving a body shaped sweat stain on your mattress. Your nipples may become dark and bizarre rocky things with hair.

You will randomly sprout hair everywhere in your body. Your pubes might grow all the way down to your thighs. You may even develop some nasty hair on the sides of your nose. This is truly a scary hairy part of the pregnancy secrets that you should be prepared for.

7. Alzheimer’s with General Dementia

Pregnant women in general become very forgetful, emotional and reactive during pregnancy. You may become sad and be able to relate to almost anything as if everything that’s happening in the world affects you too. You’ll think everybody is stupid and you’ll feel so much anger most of time to the point of wanting to give knockout punches on people.

You’ll find yourself regressing as if you no longer know how to complete a sentence or even spell your name correctly. You’ll keep on forgetting where you put your things, where you’re going, and do things but forget what you’re doing them for. You’ll become extra paranoid and think that your baby might suffocate and die if you sleep with your back flat on the bed.

You may even become hyperactive if you drink caffeinated drinks. This frightful part of the nasty pregnancy secrets can definitely make people want to avoid getting pregnant.

9 Nasty Pregnancy Secrets Pregnant Women Don’t Talk About

8. You’ll Practically Live in the Bathroom

As most pregnant women, you’ll most likely visit the bathroom almost every fifteen minutes. You may even leak pee without intending to. And because of the prenatal vitamins that you’re supposed to take you’ll become so constipated that you would believe that you’re almost dying.

Each trip to the toilet will seem like a mini-delivery preliminary setting coupled with bucket loads of sweat, grunting, and pushing. As a result, hemorrhoids could develop. You will feel itching and experience bleeding because of this.

Sometimes you can end up secretly tucking your anus back in every time you go to the bathroom. This could last until your final dose of prenatal vitamins. This is one of the pregnancy secrets that is truly nasty.

9. Flatulence

Girly girls who are very shy might find this bit in the pregnancy secrets to be more than just nasty but absolutely horrendous. Just like most pregnant women, by the time you reach the 5th or 6th month you’ll be more than just simply farting.

You’ll be farting with a consistent trumpet sound. Your partners might end up buying carbon-lined toot diapers for protection from your explosive farts. You will experience severe gas pains that may convince you that you’re having false labor or placental abruptions.

So when you feel like it’s going to blow real soon, try to go to the bathroom or somewhere far away and with no people around to release those unwanted gas. Sharting won’t be an issue because of the prenatal vitamins, but because you always have to try, the smell will be worse than the usual.

What are some of your pregnancy secrets? 

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