15 Mental Illness Need to Knows for Women’s Wellness

Last modified: August 2, 2019

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Almost everybody has known someone who has a mental illness. Or maybe you or someone has experienced one type of mental health issue at least once in his or her life. To illustrate some of the issues people who have mental illness deal with, here are 15 mental illness need to knows.

1. Not All Mental Illnesses are the Same

People need to know that mental illnesses can’t be classified into clichés, but that’s exactly what’s happening. Stereotyping is actually harmful because it’s making mental illness become a joke, which in turn, people who have it are being subjected to ridicule.

What’s worse is since those whose mental illnesses don’t meet the standard symptoms are not able to get the applicable treatment. Health and wellness becomes beyond reach.

2. Anxiety is Not Universal

It manifests differently in every person who experiences it. People need to know that anxiety doesn’t end in having those butterflies or dropping feeling in your tummy. One can also feel nauseous, another could have headaches, some could also exhibit behaviors of trichotillomania.

There could be times when you won’t even realize that what you’re feeling is anxiety because you have nothing to be anxious about. You don’t notice it because it could manifest without any possible source or trigger. It just hits you. Even health and wellness enthusiasts could suffer from this type of mental illness.

3. OCD is more than Excessive Hand Washing and Being Organized

Obsessive compulsive disorder is usually described as when someone is perfectly organized or washes his/her hands a multitude of times per day. Not everyone who has OCD exhibits that common description.

People need to know that it’s more than just being neat. Anything that you obsess over that reaches to a point where it becomes a hindrance to your daily life characterizes this particular mental illness. It’s a serious disorder and simple health and wellness tips may not help at all.

4. OCD Can Trigger Irrational Thoughts that Can’t be Helped

A person with OCD has compulsions that make no sense at all, but if they are relieved by anxieties, they would do those compulsions. They may not understand how doing something again and again would save someone’s life, but they would still do it despite it being irrational.

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5. Depression isn’t Always About Sadness

People need to know that those who have this type of mental illness can feel happy, but it won’t be in the same degree as being happy when they’re not depressed. They could feel intense anger and loads of nothingness. They could spend most of their depression detached from almost everything. Some health and wellness tips can minimize depression symptoms, but it doesn’t just go away. Treatment is needed.

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6. Self-Harm Is Not a Call for More Attention

People with mental illness know that there are easier and less painful ways of getting attention. They know how to ask. And they’re not doing it just to get extra attention from anyone.

7. Self-Harm isn’t Always About Suicide

People need to know that most of the time it’s just a coping mechanism. It may not be the best way, but that’s what some sufferers can only think of doing while they haven’t had any form of treatment yet.

8. They Already Know That They Have Nothing to Be Sad About

People need to know that those who suffer from depression realize that they don’t have the worst life in the world but that would still not matter. Depression is forceful, uncontrollable, and just overpowering that it’s the only thing that they can focus on. It can strike anyone, including the luckiest and most blessed person in the whole world.

Try to follow some health and wellness tips that you think could help you and your loved one. If you’re hesitating and need more encouragement, talk to a mental health professional for confirmation or more advice.

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9. Don’t Judge, They Already Do That

Depression can make them the most self-loathing person they know. They will hate themselves for the mental illness that they have because it made them a freak. Naturally, hearing others downgrade or trivialize their feelings and mannerisms or minimize the gravity of having a mental illness will only make them feel worse. Nobody should make someone feel bad about a sickness that cannot be controlled.

10. Suffering in Silence Can Last for Years

Some suffer in silence for plenty of years because they feel that if they don’t tell anyone, it would mean that it wasn’t real at all. And even if they realized that it won’t work, they were still afraid to admit it for fears of being judged by everyone, especially by their loved ones. They know that health and wellness is within reach, but they shouldn’t be rushed. Let them take action when they are ready.

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11. Telling People Mental Illness Doesn’t Mean They’re Suddenly Different

Some people would act the same around them despite knowing about their mental illness. Most people though, would act as if they have unexpectedly transformed into someone people should avoid to prevent catching the mental illness that they have.

People need to know that admitting what a sufferer has doesn’t mean that they’re a different person now. It’s okay for people to offer more support, but they don’t need people to start acting weird around them. You can show them support by trying to get them involved in some health and wellness tips for people who have.

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12. Therapy Could Be Just What You Need

Sometimes you just need to let it all out on someone. Talking about your problems could be beneficial because keeping it all inside could be damaging to your mental health. Health and wellness could follow once you’ve started the journey to getting better.

13. Sometimes Medication is Necessary

Taking medication is not a bad thing. They were made and proven to help improve your condition, so don’t hesitate to take some prescribed medication. Some health and wellness tips could also become helpful in supporting people with depression.

14. Mental Illness Is Real

Mental Illness has been spoken about as if it’s not as serious as a physical illness. People need to know that it can cause death just as easily and it can destroy lives. What’s worse is that it’s exceedingly common. Its severity should never be diminished into something that’s unimportant, so everyone should take it seriously.

How can you expect them to get better if you don’t think that something’s seriously wrong with them? Health and wellness could be just within their reach if you start acknowledging that what they have is a serious matter.

15. Not Everyone Gets the Right Treatment

Insurance doesn’t regularly cover therapy, inpatient stays, or medications needed for mental illness treatments. Mental illness patients deserve medical care just as those who have physical illness.

Research is now increasingly exhibiting that mental illness is a serious disorder caused brain malfunctions and that proper treatments could make a big difference in returning everything to normal functioning. Insurance companies need to know the importance of their mental health coverage for the general population.

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