The Mental Health Depression Gap: Telemental Health

Last modified: August 2, 2019

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Well known people talk depression, highlighting mental health issues. Telemental health bridges gap for all.

Prominent people have been talking about their bouts of depression in the recent months and it has been a great way of making people aware that it’s okay to have these feelings and that others have also suffered or are still suffering from depression. Overall, mental health awareness has been good.

People are becoming aware more and more. As a result people are becoming less ashamed of acknowledging that they need mental health services. People have also realized that depression is a serious illness and way more than just being sad.

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Talks Can Become Important and Inspiring

People who have depression become hopeful that they too can get better. They become motivated in getting rid of their depression symptoms and they become more attuned to their overall mental health. But what happens next? Is talking about mental health enough?

Talking is never really the end, but the vehicle to reach another place. Once people get to relate with the experiences of these prominent people with depression, they might just seek help for their condition. The problem is if mental health services are available or accessible for all or for the majority of the citizens.

Telehealth and Telemental Health Highlight Hope

Thanks to telemental health, access to mental health services is possible for those who are homebound, for those who are living in remote areas, and for those who don’t have insurance. Treatment for depression is just within reach for almost everyone. Let’s just hope that there will be no budget cuts for mental health services.

There should be no shame or disgrace around asking for help. That is the least humans can do. There should be no praise for basic empathy. What happens when everybody has already acknowledged that you, your friends or colleagues are struggling?

The government applauds the media for encouraging people to talk and persuading people to seek help. But the most important thing is for the continuance of budget provision for mental health services. Hospitals and other telemental health providers should be supported. There should also be safe places to go to for individuals who need help for their depression.

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If You have Depression, Talk About It

Talking about depression and mental health in general is important if it truly aims to make a change and if it is able to get support from the government. You won’t find yourself blindly nodding to the incessant talks of people you don’t even bother to look at anymore once proper budget and development plans are in place, and programs are actually underway.

This way, you won’t only be sure to have access to mental health services, but you will also be more comfortable that there will be more advancement in the ways of receiving treatment for depression in the next few years to come.

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