How to Shed Thyroid Weight Gain

Last modified: August 2, 2019

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Getting rid of those extra pounds is never an easy undertaking and it could even get harder if your own metabolism is not cooperating with you. People who have underactive thyroid result to slow metabolism. So losing even some weight gain for them is definitely more difficult. Endocrinologists give hope to those who have to exert at least twice the effort. They said that there are how to lose weight advice that you can do to encourage your metabolism to go faster and to reverse your weight gain.

How to Shed Thyroid Weight Gain

What You Need to Know About Your Thyroid

Your thyroid is shaped like a butterfly that can be found in the neck. It is a gland that produces thyroid hormone. This hormone is responsible for your general metabolism. What is hyperthyroidism? It occurs when you have too much of thyroid hormone wherein everything is accelerated, weight gain included. When you don’t have enough thyroid hormone, everything decelerates even the effects of your attempts on how to lose weight. It is conversely called hypothyroidism.

Are you producing too much or too little thyroid hormones? What causes your thyroid to produce too much or too little thyroid hormones? The two mentioned conditions are normally caused by an autoimmune disease. This illness causes antibodies to attack the thyroid which results to producing either more or less thyroid hormone than what your body needs.

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Issues of Weight Gain and Thyroid Problems

A multitude of problems can be the outcome of these conditions, but most women are more worried on how an abnormal thyroid production will generate weight gain or hinder their success on how to low weight programs. Hyperthyroidism can create involuntary weight loss, anxiety, and heart palpitations. It can also trigger an increase in appetite, which can cause people to experience more weight gain. With hypothyroidism, you are likely to get weight gain more directly. You’re also more likely to suffer from fatigue, heavier or irregular periods, slowed heart rate, and coldness.

As reported by American Thyroid Association, one out of eight women will develop a thyroid disorder and fortunately there are hormones available that can be of help. If your blood tests show abnormal levels and are actually diagnosed with a thyroid dysfunction, your doctor might prescribe T4 supplements. It is also called Levothyroxine or Synthroid, which is a synthetic T4. These are biochemically similar to the hormones that your body produces.

Logically, normalizing thyroid hormone levels should help women lose the weight that they got because of the thyroid dysfunction. However, things don’t really work that way. Fixing the cause will not reverse the weight that you have already gained. You need to work at it even if you think that it’s unfair since you gained it effortlessly. Participating in how to lose weight programs will be very helpful.

How to Shed Thyroid Weight Gain

Talk to an Endocrinologist First

Before you begin any how to lose weight programs, your endocrinologist will give you the appropriate dose of T4 for you. Your doctor will measure a hormone produced in your pituitary gland named thyroid stimulating hormone. The main purpose is to get the thyroid back to normal circulating levels. Some people might think that getting a bit more T4 would be better since your weight gain will be counteracted, but that can actually yield negative outcomes like heart arrhythmias and loss of bone health. How to lose weight naturally will be the best option.

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After the endocrinologist has given the ideal dose of T4 for hypothyroid patients, they will be less likely to experience weight gain and they will be able to lose the extra pounds by creating a calorie deficiency. The new problem that could arise is how to prevent hypothyroid patients from losing weight. The usual culprits are consuming too much calories, not consuming enough calories, lack of exercise, and missing out on meals. This will result to a drop in blood sugar. Blood sugar stability is important for hormone health because it can affect not just metabolism but appetite and cravings as well.

On how to lose weight, experts suggest that it would be best to eat more foods in their natural states instead of concentrating on eating less. It has also always been recommended to avoid pre-packaged, pre-processed, and science-based food. As a substitute, eat more of whole food nutrition just as how nature intended things to be.

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