How Do You Get a Yeast Infection? 5 Reasons Why

Last modified: August 2, 2019

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How do you get a yeast infection? The multiple ways are as numerous as the possible treatments. Yeast infections are certainly no fun. The burning, itching, and embarrassing discomfort simply sucks.

We do have good news for yeast infection fighting tactics. Knowing what is putting you at risk for more yeast infections will help you understand how do you get a yeast infection to start with.

Want to avoid that next yeast infection? Here are five reasons why you may be getting them.

How Do You Get a Yeast Infection? 5 Reasons Why

1. Are You Taking Antibiotics?

The age of antibiotic resistant bacteria is upon us, and it is good enough reason to skip taking pills for just about anything. If you are on antibiotics, than you are at risk for a yeast infection too.

There is even an antibiotic resistant yeast infection running wild out there. It was reported in the news in 2016, called Candida auris. How do you get a yeast infection this deadly? Skip antibiotics and stay healthy by eating antioxidant rich food and yogurt.

2. Do You Have High Blood Sugar?

High blood sugar is another way for how do you get a yeast infection. Yeast is like a two year old, getting energy from a sugar high. If you have diabetes or prediabetes, you are at increased yeast infection risk.

How Do You Get a Yeast Infection? 5 Reasons Why

3. Old Tampons

How do you get a yeast infection? Well . . . how old is your tampon? Yeast loves moist environments, and tampons keep moisture around for too long in some cases.

What’s a gal to do, tampons are simply a part of life? To lower your risk for yeast infections, change your tampons and pads as often as possible. This is especially a good idea in the summer when weather is warm.

4. Investigate Your Undies Drawer

Are your undies a bit to tight? What are they made of? Knowing how do you get a yeast infection might begin with your underwear.

Yeast loves hot, sticky climates, and the fabric and fit of your undies may be a bio dome for yeast. This is also true for tight jeans as well.

To avoid yeast infections, you may find 100 percent cotton and loose fitting undies and pants a prevention measure. You can also sleep nude a few times a week to let your lady parts breathe.

How Do You Get a Yeast Infection? 5 Reasons Why

5. Do Use Scented Hygiene Products?

Knowing how do you get a yeast infection causes you to look at nearly all aspects of your daily life. From tampons to tight undies, the daily things you wear and use can cause a yeast infection.

Using scented hygiene products is one possible cause for your yeast infection too. Scented sprays, washes, wipes, bath soap, and even toilet paper could cause an imbalance in your vaginal acidity. Thus causing a yeast infection.

How Do You Get a Yeast Infection? 5 Reasons Why

So How Do You Get a Yeast Infection?

Get the facts about yeast infections and stop asking, “How do you get a yeast infection?” The answers could simply be in your undies drawer, or in your bathroom cabinet. Simply knowing if you can have sex with a yeast infection is vital.

Do you have women’s health questions? Doctors online are standing by with answers. Take back your daily life from discomfort and get medical advice that matters.


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