9 Healthy Reasons to Skip Botox for Your Skin

Last modified: August 2, 2019

Richard Honaker M.D.
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Injectables that are used for cosmetic enhancements like Botox and fillers have now become so common and readily available for almost everyone. If you’re considering on getting some of these beauty treatments for yourself, read the following first before you go through with any product.

1. It Actually Makes You Look Older

Botox and fillers make you look extremely smooth and wrinkle free, but those are what people over 40 look like. If you look the same as them, people would think you’re the same age as them. You may appear to have healthy skin from afar, but up close it looks like as if your skin doesn’t move at all even when you speak.


2. It’s Not Fair To Other Women

Botox and fillers can look good when applied to certain areas of your face, like around your eyes. But when you hide the truth that you had something done and tell everyone that it’s just your natural beauty it makes other women feel bad about themselves. They just don’t know that your healthy skin had a little help.

3. It’s Very Expensive

You would need to allot thousands of dollars per year to maintain your Botox and fillers. And it will only increase every year as you get older. That much of money could let you do other more enjoyable or fruitful endeavors that will show your natural beauty. You can travel or learn new skills. Travelling or exercising could give you healthy skin without any injections needed.

4. Your Money Goes To People Who Don’t Deserve It

The companies who manufacture and sell these injectables only want you to hate yourself more so you will buy more of their products. These companies sabotage your self-esteem just so they can get money from you. Do you really want to give them your hard earned money? Botox and fillers are not the only ones that can make you look younger. There are natural and less expensive alternatives to make your beauty shine with healthy skin.

5. It Can Make You Look Weird

Depending on having too much or a little in the wrong place, Botox and fillers can make you look too smooth or too puffy, and a little weird. Just take a look at celebrities who’ve occasionally had dodgy work done on them. Do you really want that for yourself? Will you sacrifice your natural beauty and healthy skin just so you can look fake and unreal like a mannequin?

6. It Makes You Undervalue Yourself

You are worth more than just your beauty. You have more to offer than just looking good and having healthy skin. You have plenty of attributes that can make people gravitate around you. Your value is not limited to just having a smooth forehead.


7. Everything Will Go Eventually

Botox won’t be able to stop you from getting old. You will reach a point when no injectable on earth can help. By that time, you can become too frantic to get rid of wrinkles that can’t disappear anymore. That’s not ageing gracefully. Let your inner beauty shine even your once healthy skin don’t look as healthy as it once was.

8. No One Can Botox Your Entire Body

Even if your smooth face looks like porcelain with not even one wrinkle, the rest of your body will eventually reveal your true age. Your skin will grow softer and sit differently and there are no shots for that. Do you really want to be limited into wearing turtle necks and maxi-skirts? Your beauty and healthy skin will eventually fade and you won’t be able to do anything about it.

9. It’s The Thin Edge Of A Wedge

Botox and fillers can become like drugs. At first you will think that you’ll only try a little bit, but when you think it’s no longer enough, you’ll start wanting for more. Your healthy skin won’t be enough anymore. You’ll begin to consider surgical eyelifts and neck tightening. Your sense of beauty will become warped. As a result you’ll become unrecognizable.

Bonus: Plenty Of People Are Beautiful Even Without Botox Or Fillers

Look at pictures of women who are ageing naturally. They exude natural beauty and still have healthy skin that’s appropriate for their age. Look at their faces closely and you’ll see that it’s not that bad. You can still look like yourself and not like a plastic mold that looks so generic.

But, if after reading all of this, you still think that getting injectables is what you truly want then go ahead. Just be prepared to accept what you could become.


Submitted by Dr. Richard Honaker: http://www.independentmedicalexaminer.com/IME-Directory/Virginia/Dr-Richard-A-Honaker-MD.asp

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