I Accidentally Got Dental Floss Stuck In My Anus!

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Medically reviewed by Dr. Fizza Imtiaz

Be careful while self-exploration. A 2–3 inch piece of dental floss got stuck in my anus while I was exploring my body.

It was late at night; I was alone, self-discovering and self-pleasing.

While doing so, a question came to my mind, what will happen if I inserted a piece of dental floss in my anus?

I did it, and the floss got stuck in my anus. I tried taking it out with my finger, but it went further in, which scared me. Initially, I was okay, but I started feeling a bit of discomfort as hours went by. I tried going to the toilet to pass stools, but I could not as it was hurting like there was a needle stuck in there, and I was afraid it might cause damage.

Foreign body in anus

As a 21-year-old male, I felt embarrassed discussing this anus problem with anyone.

I decided to look up if I could find any assistance or prompt guidance online without judgement.

When I searched for an online doctor in Canada, I came across Your Doctors Online. I installed the application as soon as I saw it. It was easy to understand, very user-friendly, and immediately connected me to one of the online doctors available at that time.  In the beginning, I hesitated to elaborate my concern to a female doctor, but she made me feel very comfortable. She reassured me that she would give a solution for my problem and asked me questions about what had happened. 

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During the inevitable ER trip, I was constantly supported by Your Doctors Online.

The doctor patiently explained that an object stuck in the rectum could be very painful to remove. It could cause bleeding, swelling and spasm of the rectal muscles leading to internal and external cuts and bruising. If the foreign body remained stuck for a long time, it could also cause infections. 

Fortunately, I did not have pain, bleeding, nausea or fever. I only had to deal with mild discomfort, which could lead to complications later. My doctor encouraged me to head to the ER for removal of the foreign body from the anus. She convinced me, if need be, the doctor would safely remove the object in the ER without causing any pain by giving me medicine for relaxation. 

Everything happened in the same sequence of events as guided by Your Doctors Online.

She was so professional, explained everything in detail, and calmed me down. I felt prepared for the procedure. I had expected it to be very painful and awkward, but I trusted my doctor’s advice. The doctors’ team in the ER successfully removed the piece of floss from my rectum and also checked it for any cuts or injury.

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I wanted to say kudos to this platform, Your Doctors Online, for giving the best possible help and making it so convenient for the users to seek help from such friendly and professional doctors without any judgement.

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