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Last modified: August 2, 2019

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What are DIY Healthcare Lab Tests Covering?

  • At home lab tests for STDs, food allergies, etc.
  • Awaiting FDA approval.
  • New DIY healthcare startups getting $5 million in funding
  • Health solution when combined with telehealth

Most DIY lab tests devices are still waiting for FDA approval, but simple healthcare lab tests can still be done at your home and then shipped to a lab. This led to plenty of new startup companies offering services like STD testing, food allergies tests, or other healthcare tests.

An Austin-based DIY lab tests startup company aspires to make the healthcare testing it offers to become more affordable and easily accessible to the masses. The company started a couple of years ago and has grown in such a short time. It’s now generating millions in sales and ships to 46 states in the US.


$5 Million in Seed Funding for Healthcare DIY Lab

It has also recently announced receiving $5 million in seed funding to help it grow and improve its service offerings in the healthcare industry. As of now, it offers eight different DIY lab tests including food sensitivity, thyroid and metabolism testing, and fertility testing to get a clear picture of how you are doing in those different areas.

Another startup company offers a detailed list of STD DIY lab tests available for use at your convenience in your own homes. The costs may seem high if not covered by insurance but you can still try for FSA/HAS reimbursements.

DIY Healthcare with Telehealth Bridging Gap in Changing Political Climate

These types of startup companies give a new range of abilities for the healthcare industry and can even lower the cost, ease the access for service workers and others who don’t work regular hours, and for those who don’t have insurance coverage.

The process is actually very simple for each startup company. You just order online for a specific DIY lab tests and a kit will arrive in the mail. Each healthcare test is different but some may require a sample of blood or saliva. All you have to do is to follow the instructions and then put the DIY lab tests kit back in the mail which will be analyzed by a third party lab.


These new startups offer the ability to give healthcare results to DIY lab tests in privacy and even use certified third-party facilities for accurate measurements results. Plenty of people actually prefer this healthcare method especially if they just want to see their DIY lab tests results before deciding on whether they need to see a doctor.

Some find it difficult to sit face-to-face with someone who will just tell them they have STD. This can be a very real fear for most.

Are DIY Healthcare Lab Tests Here to Stay?

This may not exactly be a full access to healthcare but these new startup companies offer a regulated option of DIY lab tests for those who can minimize the costs without paying insurance premiums to find out what might be going on inside their body.

They will even relish the easy and convenient solution to some of the fear they have in going to the doctor’s office to get results.

The emergences of these DIY lab tests startup companies definitely go hand-in-hand with the recent boost in the use of telehealth. This will definitely benefit more people especially those who live in remote areas and those who don’t have insurance. Healthcare will now be more accessible for almost everyone.

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