Can You Get Pregnant from Precum?

Last modified: August 2, 2019

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It is common knowledge that having sex without a condom particularly when you’re ovulating can result in pregnancy. However, we can only wish that things were that simple. When it comes to getting pregnant, you can find yourself in a number of different situations, trying to figure out answers to your pregnancy questions.   

One such situation is where precum is involved. Precum or pre-ejaculate fluid is a bodily fluid that is released from the penis during intercourse. If you’re wondering whether precum can result in a pregnancy, you can expect to find some answers below.

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Can You Get Pregnant from Precum?

Chances of getting pregnant from precum, even during ovulation, are extremely low because it does not contain living sperm. However, in rare cases, you can get pregnant from precum. This is when sperm are present in the urethra, of your partner, and are flushed out by the precum.

Precum is produced to:

  • Lubricate the urethra for ejaculation so that sperm can easily exit the penis
  • Provide lubrication during intercourse

Does Precum have Sperm?

Precum does not contain sperms, so getting pregnant only from precum is out of question. However, there is a possibility of sperm leaking into pre-cum, making conception possible.

Precum is released right before ejaculation. So, if there were sperm left in the urethra, due to having sex earlier or masturbation, they can be carried out by precum.

Hence, the best way to ensure that you don’t get pregnant is to not have sex without a condom. A useful tip for men is to urinate before having sex. This reduces the chances of having any sperm linger around in the urethra and mix with precum.

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When Can Precum Happen?

Unfortunately, the timing of pre-cum is hard to predict. The bodily fluid is involuntary released before ejaculation. So, it isn’t something that can be controlled.

Also, the production of precum varies from person to person but generally it is very little in quantity. This is the reason why many men don’t even notice when this clear fluid appears.

Can I Still Get Pregnant from Precum if I’m Not Ovulating?

Yes, you can get pregnant from pre-cum even when you are not ovulating but the probability of this happening is very low. Pregnancy can happen because the sperm, which may be present in precum, can survive in your reproductive tract for as long as five days.

So it is possible to conceive if sperm infused precum entered your vagina a few days back and you ovulated at a later stage. Even research findings show that it is strongly recommended to avoid sex without a condom and/or use another form of birth control to prevent unexpected pregnancies.

Talk to a Doctor Online for Free for More Information About Precum and Pregnancy

While the general guidelines suggest that getting pregnant from precum is not very likely, all cases are different. Hence, it is useful to consult a doctor and discuss your pregnancy questions to get a better understanding of the possibility of conception.

If you have more pregnancy questions or would like to know about ovulation, effects of hormonal birth control or getting pregnant, talk to one of our doctors to get fast, trustworthy medical advice, completely free-of-charge.

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