Botox Beauty? How to Look Younger Naturally

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If you don’t want to undergo any surgical procedures or even get Botox, you can fight wrinkles effectively and look younger using other ways. To give you the basics, let us first discuss the two ways that your skin undergoes ageing, the inherent way and the extraneous way.

The inherent way of ageing is the natural biological processes that happen in your skin. This includes hormonal changes like the loss of estrogen in your body that makes your skin drier and the slowing down of collagen and elastin production.

As a result, your skin loses the plumpness and less melanin. Melanin is the substance responsible for your skin’s color. When there’s less of it, you become more prone to UV damage, sun spots, and wrinkles.

The extraneous way pertains to the environmental factors that affect the way you age. A great example for this is your exposure to free radicals. They are organic molecules that are responsible for tissue damage and some diseases that are brought by pollution, smoke, sunlight, and food.

There are certain habits that can slow this down like always wearing sunscreen and giving up smoking. Experts are also now finding extra evidence that other lifestyle factors can affect natural beauty and certain effects of extraneous ageing.

According to researchers, you can slow down up to 40 percent of how you age. Here are the things that you can do to help the action of your genes, delay ageing, preserve your beauty, and look younger without having to undergo Botox and any other surgical procedures.

Botox Beauty? How to Look Younger Naturally

How to Deal with Crow’s Feet

The first option to make you look younger without Botox is to stop smoking. Cigarettes have around 40,000 toxins and each is deposited directly into the DNA of your skin cells every time you smoke. According to a number of studies, smokers look ten years older than non-smokers.

This is especially evident around the eyes. Such revelation can definitely convince some people to quit smoking in order to preserve their natural beauty. Consult your doctor about programmes that can help you to finally quit.

The second option to make you look younger without Botox is to deal with stress. Once stress has become persistent for more than a few weeks it is already considered chronic.

Chronic stress can cause an increase in the production of the hormone called cortisol in your body. High levels of this hormone can cause a breakdown of collagen, which is the building block of new skin. It can also cause water loss from the surface of your skin.

As a result, your skin will appear to have more wrinkles because it dried out. Daily routines of active relaxation, breathing techniques, or just walking in nature for ten minutes can reverse the effects of stress and even assist in making your skin look plumper. This is definitely a great way of preserving your youthful beauty.

The quick fix option to make you look younger without Botox is to use Tri-Aktiline Deep Wrinkle Filler. It is a miraculous wrinkle fix that you squeeze into each line either over or under make-up and then wait for it to set. It makes line temporarily disappear, which makes your beauty shine brightly.

How to Deal with Sagging Cheeks

The first option to make you look younger without Botox is to use your facial muscles. They are just like the muscles of your body. The more you use them, the more they become stronger and there will be lesser chances for them to sag and atrophy. Beauty can be restored.

The second option to make you look younger without Botox is to have a diet that’s high in protein and essential fatty acids. Both can be found in salmon and other oily fish, eggs, nuts, and seeds. Low-fat diets won’t be good for your skin.

It can even promote sagging skin because your skin is starved of essential fats and amino acids, which are only found in protein-based foods. Your skin needs to look plump from the inside out so you can preserve your natural beauty.

The quick fix option to make you look younger without Botox is to do a cheek workout. It will help build up sagging facial muscles. Here’s what you should do: look in a mirror and smile broadly while keeping your lips closed and mouth corners turned up.

Aim to make your mouth corners to touch your ears. Then wrinkle your nose and witness your cheek muscles move upwards. Stay in this position until the count of five and then relax. Repeat 10 times for optimal beauty results.

Botox Beauty? How to Look Younger Naturally

How to Deal with Drooping Brows

The first option to make you look younger without Botox is to pin it up. This is what plenty of Hollywood folks are allegedly hooked on right now. Many of them love the face-saving and radiance-enhancing power of cosmetic acupuncture. It is said that evident results can be seen after just one session, most especially in the lifting of the outer corners of your brows.

Experts say that it stimulates skin cells to put new collagen fibers under wrinkles. This makes the skin cells fill in the wrinkles while also toning different muscles that can restore your natural glow and beauty. Most cosmetic acupuncturists also treat underlying problems that could be causing your skin to look older like insomnia and bad digestion.

The quick fix option to make you look younger without Botox is to have your eyebrows done by a reputable threading practitioner. Some women who exude beauty and grace, even look like they’ve had a facelift after an eyebrow threading session. Make sure your eyebrows have a nice arch and not too thin as it will only add more years on you.

How to Deal with Thread Veins

The first option to preserve your beauty and make you look younger without Botox is to drink less. If you tend to flush and blush whenever you drink alcohol, you could risk the formation of thread veins and broken capillaries above your nostrils and on the cheeks because alcohol is one of the causes.

The quick fix option to make you look younger without Botox is to receive an IPL treatment. If you have thread veins and broken capillaries on your face, having some non-surgical light treatment like Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) may be beneficial.

During the treatment, the dermatologist applies light in precise pulses to the skin through a handpiece that feels like little elastics being snapped onto your face. This can get rid of red discolorations like thread veins and rosacea. Even unwanted hair and pigmentation spots from too much sun exposure can be removed.

This is definitely a great way of restoring your natural beauty. The usual course would require two to eight sessions.

How to Deal with Skin Tone

The first option to make you look younger without Botox is to get a facial massage. One of the best short cuts to getting a more radiant and glowing skin tone is a good facial massage. Such treatment stimulates the skin together with the complex network of blood vessels, and muscles and lymph drainage points under the surface to return vibrancy and beauty back to your skin.

It is best to get a facial massage at night when most people have a little more time. Just use your facial cleanser as a lubricant for the massage. If your skin is dry, especially during winter months, massage your face with a few drops of skin-nourishing oil like rosehip before you apply your night cream.

Rose hip oil applied to your face has been proven to reduce fine lines and skin hyperpigmentation after at least three months of usage.

The quick fix option to make you look younger without Botox is to try the ancient Indian facial yoga technique that brings circulation to your face. Here’s what you should do: pull your middle earlobes out to the side with your thumb and index finger.

Do this for four times. Next, grab your upper ear lobes and pull up for four times. Do this several times throughout the day to preserve your youthful beauty.

Before trying any of the above natural ways to look younger without Botox, talk with your doctor or a doctor online to ensure they are safe for you. 

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