6 Benefits of Yoga: Restart Your New Year’s Resolution!

Last updated: June 25, 2021

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Are you doing yoga? March is almost over and many women may be losing interest in their health and wellness New Year’s resolution. This is common. In fact, 80 percent of people will not continue resolutions past March.

If you are struggling with your health and wellness goals, it is important to circle back and remember why you made them.

Those long hours at the gym may be interfering with your social life. Or your new diet may be getting boring. Whatever the case, it is time to think simply.

What is one fitness routine you can do from anywhere, at anytime, without fancy watches or health tech products? Yoga! Yoga serves up a number of health and wellness benefits for women. And you can do yoga at home, the office, outside, on vacation . . . really anywhere.

What makes yoga so great? Let’s take a deeper look!

1. Boost Your Confidence with Naked Yoga

Yep, you read that right, naked yoga. You will be surprised how many naked yoga classes exist. It is a safe place where people can strip down to their birthday suits and get a great workout while getting comfortable with their bodies. This can increase your confidence and assist in feeling good about you, despite imperfections.

2. Experience Body Love!

Along the lines of naked yoga, there is a movement in yoga where women of any body type are doing yoga, loving it, and sharing it. Using social media as a tool to share body love, women are using hashtags like, #curvyyoga, and #curvygirlyoga. It is empowering women to love themselves, period!

3. Yoga Defeats Stress

The calming effects of yoga have been well researched and discussed. The stretching and relaxing ups and downs of yoga, including deep breathing can make you aware of your body and mind. This melts stress away. Yoga can really benefit people with sleep issues and insomnia due to decreased stress benefits.

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4. Get More Brain Power

Did you know that yoga can actually make you smarter? Yep! The mindful awareness that happens during a 20-minute session can increase your brain’s ability to process information. In fact, the awareness can also change your brain to have better memory and attention processes.

5. It’s Great for Heart Health

Your yogi may always say, “Open your heart!” Well, that’s because yoga can improve your heart health. In fact, studies have found yoga to reduce hypertension (high blood pressure), as well as poor cholesterol and stress. These are all heart disease factors. And with heart disease as the #1 killer of Americans, any help is good in the heart department!

6. Yoga Improved Diet

The awareness of your body and mind will follow you throughout the day, week, and month. This is particularly important due to yoga’s ability to help you make better diet choices. By focusing on your sensations, you will be paying more attention to your hunger and those potential emotional eating triggers.

Yoga is Just Awesome

The above are just a few amazing benefits of yoga. This simple exercise routine that you can do anywhere, and at anytime can also improve sex life, boost immune health, and increase your energy levels.

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Do you want to get started with yoga? Why not, the women’s health and wellness benefits are hard to ignore. But first, talk to a doctor to ensure you are ready. Our FREE Dr. Chat gives you access to general physician doctors 24/7. So ask about yoga today by clicking below.

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