10 Beauty Tips to Look Younger Improving Health, Wellness (Not What You Expect)

Last modified: August 2, 2019

Richard Honaker M.D.
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If you think you look older than you feel and want to improve your appearance, here are 10 health and wellness tips on how you can look younger and feel better about yourself. The true beauty that shines within you will shine brightly with the help of these health and wellness tips.

1. Always Have a Smile on Your Face

Thousands of photos were studied by different age evaluators. The age of the models wearing various expressions on their faces were guessed by the photo evaluators. The results are as follows: neutral expressions produced the most accurate answers, fearful expressions made the models look older, and happy smiling faces made the models look younger. What could be better than adding more to your beauty without having to spend anything?


2. Eat More Grapes

Grapes, berries, plums, and pears have a humectant called sorbitol. A humectant is a substance that attracts water when applied to your skin, helping your skin absorb and retain moisture. This health and wellness tip to make you look younger is definitely delicious and very beauty enhancing.

3. Get a Hair Makeover

When your hair becomes thinner, use volumizing styling products and opt for a lighter hair color to make the thinning of your hair less obvious. To prevent dryness, always use deep conditioning treatments after washing your hair. This health and wellness tip will not only make you look younger but will also make your natural beauty more pronounced, and stylish.


4. Frame Your Face

Keep your eyebrows well-groomed and shaped. This will help you frame your face and draw attention to your eyes. The eyes are our best youth enhancers, sparkling bright with that youthfulness. Try it out and see the results first hand!

5. Always Cleanse and Moisturize

Regular cleansing and moisturizing will help protect your skin to keep it healthy. Don’t use regular soap that can dry older skin further. Choose a cleanser that will gently wash without stripping your skin of moisture. Try to avoid skin toners as well especially the ones with a stringent or alcohol base. Apply a good moisturizer day and night. This health and wellness tip is the most basic beauty regimens that will make you look younger.


6. Dress Sharp

Wear clothes that will accentuate your assets and make your flaws less noticeable. If your neck has wrinkles or jowls, try not to wear tight fitting or crew neck tops. It will squeeze your skin upward. A shirt collar over a round necked jersey will look much better. If you have a large belly, try to wear dark-colored tops. This health and wellness tip will make your elegance and beauty surface which will in turn make you look younger.


7. Always Apply Hand Cream

Use hand cream regularly. Choose a good one that has sunscreen. Use a hand scrub as well. It will brighten your dull looking hands if you use it frequently. You can even make it on your own. Mix sea salt with lemon juice and gently scrub onto your hands with a soft tooth brush or exfoliating gloves. This is a very good health and wellness tip because your hands can reveal your true age. Keep your hands’ youthful beauty to make you look younger.

8. Eat More Greens and Reds

Vitamin K in green vegetable like kale will help your blood coagulate. It will minimize the impact of bruising. Tomatoes have lycopene which provides your skin powerful protection against UV rays. This health and wellness tip gives you double the protection so you can preserve your natural beauty and look younger.


9. Incorporate Oily Fish in Your Diet

Oily fish like salmon are packed with dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE). It is a compound that enhances muscle tone and is actually an important ingredient in expensive anti-aging creams. If you eat oily fish twice a week, you get the same benefits. This particular health and wellness tip is delicious, healthy, beauty enhancing, and can make you look younger.

10. Exercise At Least Four Times a Week

Exercising regularly will help you prevent having muscle loss. It will also help you sleep better. Have a mixture of cardiovascular exercise for your heart and lungs, resistance exercise for your muscles, stretching for flexibility, and balance exercise for good coordination.

This health and wellness tip will do all that and will make you feel happy which can keep depressive tendencies at bay. That’s a natural and inexpensive way of preserving natural beauty and helping yourself to look younger.

Submitted by Dr. Richard Honaker: http://www.independentmedicalexaminer.com/IME-Directory/Virginia/Dr-Richard-A-Honaker-MD.asp

Disclaimer: This article provides general information and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or medical condition. If you require specific advice, please consult one of our medical professionals through the app. However, in case of an emergency, please call 911.

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