The Ultimate Guide to Easily Increase Patient Referrals for Your Practice

increase referrals with virtual care

Increase your patient referrals for a cost-effective way to market your practice.    The power of patient communication cannot be unestimated in your practice’s marketing plan.  Patient referrals are an invaluable resource for both your patients and your practice. Not only are patient referrals an inexpensive way to market your practice, but referrals from existing […]

What are the Benefits of Telemedicine?

benefits of telemedicine

How can Telemedicine Benefit both the provider and the patient?  There is no doubt that the face of patient care is changing. Today’s patients are busier, technology savvy, and in need of digital solutions.  Telemedicine-also known as telehealth, is not the only digital innovation in modern medicine. Today’s Electronic Medical Records are adapting digital solutions […]