Anti-Aging Beauty Tips for Women: Skin Health from Around the World

Last modified: August 2, 2019

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We all have different anti-aging beauty tips that were passed down from our ancestors or maybe not even anti-aging, just plain old skin health beauty tips for women.

We all heard those stories and we usually just tend to ignore them because we don’t believe in old wives tales. Maybe it’s time to listen to some of them.

Because it has been proven by women all over the world that you can age gracefully without having to go under the knife or spend tons of money on some fancy newly introduced anti-aging cream.

For women from other cultures, they take advantage of natural ingredients. This makes women in Latin America have glowing skin, and women in Asia usually radiate with clear complexions.

So, here are some of the anti-aging and skin health beauty tips for women from around the world.

Anti-Aging Beauty Tips from China

This is the land of tea and where the tea thief got his first-hand observations and tastings. Teas are actually very high in anti-aging antioxidants.

To be more precise, white tea and green tea are rich in the antioxidant known as EGCG. This is very effective in battling wrinkles and even helps increase cell renewal. Skin health beauty tips for women in China usually combine green tea powder into brewed white tea to create a face mask.

If you want to try this, just apply it on your face to help fight wrinkles and nourish your skin with plenty of antioxidants. This will definitely boost your skin health.

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Anti-Aging Beauty Tips for Women: Skin Health from Around the World

Anti-Aging Beauty Tips from France

Grape seed extract supplement is a popular product for women in France, and the following is the reason why. Grape seed extract boosts the levels of antioxidants in your blood.

It also protects the collagen and elastin in your skin, which are the proteins that bestow elasticity and firmness to your skin.

If you want to go the natural way of eating fresh grapes, you would have to eat more than a pound of grapes before you could get the same benefit that you get from a 50 mg tablet or capsule.

You might not mind doing that, so go ahead and take nature’s way. That’s one of the most delicious anti-aging and skin health beauty tips anyway.

Anti-Aging Beauty Tips for Women: Skin Health from Around the World

Anti-Aging Beauty Tips from India

For women in India, they start the day with ginger tea. Anti-aging skin health beauty tips suggest you mix some shredded ginger and honey into hot water.

One cup of this tea will give you plenty of anti-aging benefits. As a natural antibacterial, honey will help reduce inflammation. Ginger, on the other hand, is rich in gingerol that helps protect against any collagen breakdown.

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Anti-Aging Beauty Tips from Mexico

Since the skin on your hands loses its elasticity and fullness, your pair of hands is one of the first things that could give away your age. Anti-aging and skin health beauty tips for women in Mexico suggest for you to combine sugar and lemon juice to create a hand scrub.

The sugar crystals will acts as an exfoliant to help remove dull and dead skin cells. Lemon juice consists of alpha hydroxyl acid that is usually found in most anti-aging products or treatments.

This type of acid specifically peels away a layer of dead skin. And when your skin is well exfoliated, your moisturizers can penetrate better. And for women of a certain age, you won’t be able to shed your skin as effectively.

Exfoliation will therefore be very helpful. So, this is actually a very helpful anti-aging and skin health beauty tips for women that can keep people guessing about your real age.

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Anti-Aging Beauty Tips for Women: Skin Health from Around the World

Anti-Aging Beauty Tips from Polynesia

Models have been heard of raving about noni juice, and there’s a good reason for that. It is indigenous to the southeastern part of the world.

Anti-aging and skin health beauty tips for women in Polynesia use this fruit for moisturizing and other anti-aging properties. It has been found from some studies that noni juice is effective in softening the appearance of crow’s feet, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Go ahead and try these nifty and handy simple natural solutions for any women who are looking for new skin health beauty tips. If you’re hesitant on trying them then go ahead and consult your doctor so you can be sure that everything will be safe.

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