Does Alcohol Mix with Sex? What Women Need to Know

Last modified: August 2, 2019

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Alcohol and Sex may mix for romance, but what are the consequences to your health, wellness, and relationship? Here’s the good and bad of alcohol when mixed with sex.

Sex and alcohol don’t mesh well. Alcohol actually impacts people’s sex lives in plenty of ways. Small amounts of it may not pose any sexual harm on you, but moderate amounts of it can spoil and thoroughly mess up your sex life. It’s also perilous when you are trying to get pregnant or are already pregnant.

As reported in 2015 by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, babies can possibly get fetal alcohol syndrome and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder if women drink moderate amounts of alcohol while trying to get pregnant or while pregnant in the first trimester.

Sex and alcohol don’t get along well together because alcohol causes sexual problems in both men and women. It can alter anyone’s behavior resulting to having sex with completely inappropriate and incompatible people.

It can also propel anyone to take foolish risks that can lead to getting sexually transmitted infections or enter an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. It can even make people more prone to becoming victims of sexual attacks, even men.

What do the Experts Say About Sex and Alcohol?

A 2014 survey of young people that was administered for the Family Planning Association revealed that alcohol was a vital part in influencing both men and women to have unprotected sex.

The combination of sex and alcohol definitely poses a threat on spreading sexually transmitted diseases. 70 percent of the respondents also stated that they regretted having a sexual episode and that alcohol played a big part in being in such an episode.

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Nearly one out of ten young people have also stated that they were so drunk that they can’t even remember if they had sex or what kind of sex they had. Twenty-eight percent of young adult have also stated that they had sex with someone they wouldn’t usually like.

The last detail is very crucial since it highlights the newly discovered phenomenon called “beer goggles.” The term beer goggles is used to illustrate the distortion of vision and perception that happens when you’ve had too much alcohol.

According to Psychology Today, “Consuming alcohol appeared to be enough to change the attractiveness of potential romantic partners—in other words, beer goggles is more than a myth.”

You can’t see things clearly and you are likely to think that the person sitting beside you is just your type and that you would definitely want to have sex with them. The morning after though, you might not recognize anything and ask yourself if the person you’re with is really the one you went to bed with the previous night.

Sex an alcohol can result to shocking morning after realizations and can even be used by would be sexual offenders. Sex and alcohol may not mix together well and the latter generally have negative effects, but there are some positive effects too. Both good and bad effects are listed below.

Does Alcohol Mix with Sex Health Wellness Women

When Does Alcohol and Sex Mix Well?

Tiny quantities of alcohol can make it easier for someone shy to mingle with people. It also aids both men and women to feel more relaxed so they can converse with each other. A little wine can also make a couple feel more romantic or more open to enjoy sex.

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A very tiny dose of alcohol can even extend the time that a nervous inexperienced man takes before he has an orgasm. This helps in preventing slight tendencies to climax very quickly or experience slight premature ejaculation. Just remember that alcohol is not a treatment for this condition and each person will have a different reaction.

Most people probably hold on more to the positive effects in hopes of getting more out of drinking. They prefer to believe that sex and alcohol can be a very good thing.

What are the Negative Effects of Alcohol on Sex?

This list is definitely much longer than the positive effects, which clearly demonstrates why sex and alcohol don’t mesh well. To start off, alcohol makes people most likely to have inadvisable sex with the wrong person, which can result to getting pregnant, acquiring infections, and to get involved with married people and could possibly break a family apart.

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Alcohol is actually the chief reason why there was an enormous demand for the morning after pill every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings in 2015. It also makes people addled and even muddled which results to not taking the right birth control measures.

Does Alcohol Mix with Sex Women's Health

Alcohol is also bad for an unborn baby because it can cause serious brain damage. That’s the main reason why pregnant women should absolutely not drink alcohol during the first trimester when the baby is in the formative months.

It would also be best to avoid it if you’re trying to conceive and drink very infrequently and only in small amounts during the last two trimesters. So sex and alcohol doesn’t just affect the creation of life but also in the growing period of the created life.

It can also be the main source of impotence otherwise known as erectile dysfunction. Most young men don’t realize this because they believe that alcohol increases their passion.

They fail to remember that their desires might be heightened but their performance might go into a nosedive. Sex and alcohol are directly comparable to desire and performance. More alcohol yields greater desires but ultimately results to less sex because of poorer performance.

Most men who are addicted to alcohol mass consumption may develop permanent impotence and most likely even the loss of interest in sex. It has not been proven that excessive alcohol use can result to female sexual problems, but if you base it on the probabilities, it’s likely that som

e instances of reduced libido are brought about by uncontrolled alcohol consumption.

This is a more serious outcome of a prolonged excessive drinking of alcohol, which establishes fact that sex and alcohol are not a good combination.

If you’ve noticed that you seem to be having too much alcohol or you believe that you could be suffering from alcoholism, it would be best to consult an alcohol counsellor and try going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Are you worried about alcohol and your mental wellness? How about health issues relating to sex or alcohol? Good news is that now you can talk to a doctor for free. Simply click the button below and begin chatting with a doctor now. 

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