9 Day Guide to Look Younger with Healthy Skin

Last modified: August 2, 2019

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Signs of aging like wrinkles, creases, dryness, and drooping on your face are primarily caused by tension and not time. Physical signs of stress aging can be reversed by slowing down and focusing on one’s self. Want to look younger with healthy skin and feel amazing?

Here are the things that you can do for nine consecutive days to look younger and emanate a youthful healthy glow on your skin.

Day 1: Simplify

Start a daily facial care regimen

If you’re having trouble deciding on the right product, stick with the basics. Get a gentle cleanser, a moisturizer with sunscreen for the day, and another one without sunscreen for the evening. A gentle exfoliator is a bonus as well.

Establish a regular sleep schedule

Everybody needs eight hours of sleep so the body can restore and heal. This simple change will make you healthier. And when your body is healthy, it will show on your skin. You will simply look and feel younger.


Day 2: Relax

Get a massage, go out with friends, and have sex

Spend precious time with people who make you feel at ease. A quick chat at a café, an afternoon at the spa, or a quick session of intimacy can put things in perspective. You’ll go home feeling refreshed, healthy, and look younger, because your skin will look and feel radiant.

Emloy daily breathing exercises

Allot a few minutes to appreciate your breath, and listen while you inhale and exhale. This activity can help you curb your cortisol levels, making your skin look younger, and your mind and body too.

Day 3: Go Green

Walk and enjoy nature

Get out and appreciate nature and all the beauty that surrounds you. Have a brisk 20-minute walk out in the sun to get some much needed vitamin D and stimulate that blood circulation.

Make it a habit to drink green tea

Green tea will hydrate your body just like water, and it’s also rich in flavonoids, which are known for their antioxidant activity. You will notice in the long run that your skin is getting healthy, and you will look younger.


Day 4: Eat Clean

Whole foods over processed please

When you eat whole grains and complex carbohydrates like brown rice, and whole wheat pasta, you keep your blood sugar levels in check, thus making you feel healthier and improving your skin. These foods are packed with fatty acids that have skin-smoothing features. You’ll also have better digestion, more energy, and less muscle pain. It’s an easy win-win.

Day 5: Make some Moves

Exercise in any form

Start getting active by setting aside at least 30 minutes of your time to exercise. You can do any activity that will get your heart rate up, instead of just sitting at your desk. You can go up and down the stairs or just walk or bike around your neighborhood. As a result, you’ll become healthy, your skin will glow, and you will look younger.

Day 6: Socialize

Plan a dinner party with your friends and family

Spend an evening with them and share stories that are inspiring and funny. Being happy promotes a healthy heart and mind, so you will look younger and it will show.


Day 7: Fight Stress

Learn any form or type of meditation

Meditation will help you cope with stress better, and it will keep your brain young and sharp. You will learn to harness that calm inside you, so you won’t be easily affected by unpleasant circumstances. You’ll exude a healthy aura with matching radiant skin.

Day 8: Sleep Even More

Take naps whenever you can

While sleeping, your body is busy lowering your risk of heart disease and repairing your cells. You can even notice that you develop a happier disposition and a heightened stamina. We all know that happiness makes you look younger, so getting enough sleep will not only make you healthy, it will also make you look younger. Fanatstic!

Day 9: Pause and Reflect

Stop for a while and reflect on your week

Reward yourself for the changes that you’ve managed to accomplish. Think ahead and decide on which parts had the most impact, and consider different ways on how you can implement them into your everyday routine. This way you’ll have the most effective routine for you to become healthy and to look younger, longer.

When you start to do something for yourself, take back some control and actually focus on yourself. You may end up feeling great about everything. Tackle life with no fears. Become ready for almost anything. And Most of all, look younger doing it all.

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