8 Amazing Stretches for Psoriatic Arthritis Pain Management

Last modified: August 2, 2019

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Is psoriatic arthritis making your daily routine painful? Check out the 8 stretches for arthritis pain management for a happy, healthier life.

Psoriatic arthritis makes it difficult for you to move and it can even interfere with you work, play, and your general active lifestyle. One solution that is very readily available to you on your free time is to have stretches that will serve as your exercise.

One good pain management plan is to follow a planned set of stretching exercises that will target to improve your flexibility. Just remember to not add to your already existing joint pains. Arthritis in general is already painful please don’t make it more painful than it already is.

Stretches will be best in providing localized muscle action. People with psoriatic arthritis can actually increase blood flow to those muscles by doing stretches. Since specific stretches depend on the joints affected, the stretches that will do the most good for you are those that can make it easier for you to accomplish your unique set of daily activities, thus pain management will feel like a natural result.

Work with a physiotherapist, he/she can help you focus on specific joints that are most problematic for you. Most people with psoriatic arthritis get the best results by focusing on two or three types of stretches that are most applicable to their condition. Here are some exercises that include smart stretches to help you with pain management:

Before getting started with psoriatic arthritis pain management or any type of exercises, please consult your doctor or your physiotherapist. Remember to always protect your back, and if you feel any pain or discomfort, just stop and check with your doctor or your therapist. Prioritize not to cause injury to the joints involved.

You should always feel a good stretch and never pain. As you become more limber, you may be able to hold stretches for up to six to ten seconds.

8 Amazing Stretches for Psoriatic Arthritis Pain Management

1. Neck Roll

This is one of the stretches that can give pain relief or pain management to your neck and upper back. Sit up straight in a chair that will provide support to your lower back. Look straight ahead then gently tilt your right ear toward your right shoulder.

You may feel a light stretch on the left side of your neck. Hold the pose for two seconds then slowly return your head to the center. Do this for a total of five times to your right and five times to your left. It will help relieve psoriatic arthritis pains on your neck area.

8 Amazing Stretches for Psoriatic Arthritis Pain Management

2. Knee-to-Chest Stretch

Larger joints like the hips are usually affected by psoriatic arthritis. The following type of stretches can ease hip discomfort. Lie flat on your back and have your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground. Slowly pull your right knee toward your chest applying light pressure on your hands.

You can feel stretches from your hip and the back of your leg. Release slowly then switch to the other leg. You can also do this pain management exercise while standing in a swimming pool. Just put your opposite hand on the edge of the pool for balance. You can even stand with your back to the wall of the pool for more support.

3. Knee-Leg Extension

To ease knee pain, work the muscles that support it. Sit on a chair that can support you back and things. Place your feet flat on the ground. After two seconds of rest, slowly raise and extend your lower right leg.

Create a straight line from hip to toe without forcing your leg to be totally straight. For some it may hurt, but if you can do it then do so. Hold it for two seconds then lower your leg. Do this for a total of 20 times for each leg. This will definitely help ease psoriatic arthritis pains on your knees.

4. Arch Stretch

If psoriatic arthritis affects your feet, this pain management exercise technique that helps being on your feet and walking become comfortable again. This is one of the stretches that will strengthen your feet to provide better support. Put your right foot flat on the ground and press your toes down into the ground then lift up your right arch. Hold for two seconds then take two more seconds to lower it down. Do this for 20 times on each foot.

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5. Ankle Rotation

This is one of the psoriatic arthritis pain management stretches that will help you preserve range of motion in your ankle. While sitting down, lightly point your foot and make a small invisible circle with your big toe. Do five clockwise circles slowly and then another five but counter clockwise. Do this with your other foot as well. Then, gently flex and point your toes slowly to give them a small stretch.

8 Amazing Stretches for Psoriatic Arthritis Pain Management

6. Open-Closed Hand Stretch

There may be times when during periods of rest, your hands may stiffen. When this happens, do these simple stretches before going back to work. Rest your elbow on a table and raise your lower arm to a 90 degree angle and make a fist. Open all fingers in the count of two and then slowly close them back into a fist again. Do this 20 times on each hand.

7. Finger Lift

This simple pain management technique protects the overall flexibility of your hand. Put your forearm on a table or a flat surface and put your palm down and your fingers open. Slowly raise and lower each finger of that hand. Take two counts to raise each finger and another two to lower each down. Do this with other hand as well.

8. Thumb-Finger Touch

Another pain management technique that will help you build flexibility in your hand is to slowly try to touch each fingertip to the thumb in sequence. Do this from your index finger to your pinky and then back. If it’s painful, don’t force them to touch just try to get them closer each time you do the stretches. This can also help build strength across the width of your hand and in each finger.

Stop living in pain and immobility and start living your life how you want to live it while managing your arthritic pains. Try any of these simple stretches. Just remember to consult your doctor or your physiotherapist first. And if you feel pain, just stop.

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