6 Ways Sex Can Make Your 2018 Super Healthy

6 Ways Sex Can Make Your 2018 Super Healthy

Are you ready to spice up your 2018 in a healthy way? Well, having more sex this year could be the answer. Sex is healthy for your mind and body, as long as you are practicing safe sex.

The best part about this 2018 health and wellness plan is that it may be far more fun than those late-night Zumba classes after a long day at the office. Not only is sex fun, but it is also a healthy way to improve your relationship as well.

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Let’s pull back the sheets and find out what dirty little health-minded sex secrets we can find.

1. Burns Calories

Do you have a weight loss New Year’s Resolution? Sex can help with that! You have probably heard quite a few sex-minded calories burned estimates online. It is pretty tough to nail down one number, but like any form of exercise, it all depends on intensity.

What sex position burns the most calories? This would be the woman on top position. Also, stand-up sex burns quite a few calories as well. The longer you go, the more calories burned, but just be sure you are healthy for long marathon love-making sessions first.

2. Improves Mood

If seasonal winter depression has got you in a funk, the mood-boosting power of sex could be the answer. Orgasms release oxytocin, which makes us feel really good despite the weather. Make mental health a priority in 2018 with more mood-boosting sex.

3. Builds Stronger Relationships

Sex can be a calorie-burning workout that improves your mood, but sex can also bring you closer to your partner. The oxytocin released while you are with your partner can make for a stronger bond. Doing that once-daily can certainly help make your relationship stronger.

4. Boosts Immunity

If you have a glass of vitamin C orange juice every morning to stay healthy, you know the importance of immune strength. Sex can make your immune system even stronger! Sex paired with that morning routine could boost your immune health even more, according to research.

5. Reduces Period Pain

If period pain is an issue, more sexual intercourse in 2018 could be the answer. How? Well, regular sexy time can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and can also be a PMS relief treatment during your period as well.

6. Makes You Sleep Better

Having regular sexual intercourse can improve your sleep habits too. Since sex releases those feel-good hormones you can drain the stress from your mind and get the long night’s sleep you need.

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