6 Healthy New Year’s Day Ideas to Kick Start Your Year

New Year’s Day is the mark of a new beginning. It is a time for you to restart and set new healthy goals. Make your overall health and wellness a priority this New Year’s Day with a few ideas to kick start 2018.

1. Take a New Year’s Day Stroll

Kick start the new year with a leisurely New Year’s Day stroll. Connecting with nature or just being outdoors has been shown to improve mood. In fact, Stanford researchers found that being in nature can reduce depression symptoms. Get wellness off to a healthy start and go for a walk.

2. Get Your Year Organized

This may seem challenging, but planning out the first quarter of 2018 can have healthy side effects. What are your goals for the first three months of the year? Maybe you can start setting your New Year’s resolution goals and make a schedule to help you stick to it.

3. Clean Out Closet Clutter

New Year’s Day is all about starting fresh. Cleaning out that cluttered closet is a wonderful way to kick start a healthy New Year. The more clutter in your life the more stressful. Having a tidy personal space will also make daily wardrobe choices easier. You will also accomplish one big task to start off 2018.

4. Schedule Some Family Time

Family is important and spending time with family can have a number of healthy New Year’s Day side effects. You can visit your parents, connect with loved ones over the phone or on Skype, or invite your family on your New Year stroll (see number one). Family time is also a great way to decrease winter seasonal depression.

5. Write Down Your New Year’s Resolution

You probably made a New Year’s resolution, but in order for it to work, you should definitely write it down. Did you know that only eight percent of resolution setters achieve their resolution? The biggest first step is to actually write it down on paper, with a pen, and then hang it somewhere you will see it every day, like the bathroom mirror.

6. Read a Good Book

This may seem counterproductive when it comes to health and wellness. Sitting around on your sofa reading doesn’t sound like the exercise you plan on doing for your resolution. However, reading daily can decrease stress and improve your mental health in a big way. Go ahead and work out your brain on New Year’s Day by reading for an hour.

Make Your New Year’s Day a Healthy One!

These are just a few healthy ways you can spend your New Year’s Day. Remember, it is all about getting a fresh start and making your health and wellness a priority in 2018 is essential. Be happy and healthy all year and you may be surprised how many years in a row you will continue to do it.

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