5 Ways to Naturally Increase your Sex Drive

Last modified: July 11, 2019

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Heating things up between the sheets is not only good for your relationship, it can have many positive effects on your health as well. Turn up the heat with our guide to increase your sex drive naturally. 

Sex can help your body fight off common bacteria and viruses, help lower stress levels, and may even help your analytical thinking

So why isn’t everyone climbing between the sheets? A lack of libido can play a powerful role in a couple’s sex life. A loss of libido can affect up to one in five men and may be more common in women. 


Symptoms of a Low Libido may Include: 

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  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Anxiety concerning sexual performance
  • Low level of sexual interest
  • Recurring lack of desire

A low libido may point to a bigger issue, often psychological or interpersonal. While natural measures are not a ‘one-size fits all’ approach, they can be a helpful starting off point. So let’s take a look at five natural ways to increase your libido.





Exercise lends itself to many health benefits for both men and women. Exercise can help to release endorphins, which is beneficial for everyone, particularly those suffering from depression. It can also help boost self confidence and weight loss goals which can lead to more confidence in the bedroom. 

Men produce testosterone from exercise which can help with increased blood flow and offer protection against erectile dysfunction. 

One study looked specifically at the sexual health benefits of exercise in women. It was determined that exercise, whether incorporated in short bursts or as a lifestyle adaptation was beneficial to women’s sexual health. It was found to be particularly helpful in women experiencing sexual dysfunction as a result of antidepressant use or a hysterectomy. 


Lay-off the Liquor

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Many people would consider adding a bottle of wine to the list of ingredients for the perfect romantic evening. The truth is, having more than a single glass of your favorite vino can actually put a damper on your plans in the bedroom. 

That is because alcohol can have a negative effect on your sexual desire and responses. Drinking alcohol to excess can make good sex difficult because it reduces sensitivity in both males and females. 

Men may have trouble getting and maintaining an erection while women may produce less lubrication and have trouble achieving an orgasm. If they are able to orgasm, it is often less intense. 

Excess alcohol use can cause temporary impotence and hurt your fertility. Women who drink more than 14 drinks a week may take longer to get pregnant. 

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Reduce Stress

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While many men may use sex as a means for stress relief, stress can be a libido killer for both men and women. Chronic stress can cause your body to produce too much of the hormone cortisol, which can lower the libido. 

Disparities between sexual desire can have a negative impact on relationships. If stress is causing a dip in desire, it is important to take steps to manage the stress in your life.


Tips to Release Stress

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  • Try yoga, meditation or deep breathing exercises
  • Start an exercise routine
  • Spend time on self-care
  • Consider speaking to your healthcare professional if your stress is unmanageable


Change your Diet

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Instead of turning to pills, creams or lotions to improve your sexual desire, why not take a trip to the local supermarket for some fresh inspiration? Many healthy foods available at the local market offer sexual health benefits. For example, the potassium in avocados helps to regulate the thyroid production in women. If left unchecked, this can result in a dip in libido. The folic acid in avocados also helps with stamina and staying power, all potential pluses for your bedroom performance. 

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Self Love

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A disparity in sexual desire can be a huge potential problem in a relationship. While one partner may want sex daily, the other may be happy to mingle twice a week. So what is the best way to solve this relationship dilemma? 


Many experts agree that when a woman masterbates it produces an increase in the desire for more sex. Feeding a low libido can make it desire more. While this is not true in all cases, it is certainly a great place to start. 


What is Right for You?

A low libido can be a short-term inconvenience or a sign of a bigger medical issue. The best way to conquer your reduced sexual desire is with honesty. Speak to your partner. Speak to your doctor. While many may feel it is an embarrassing issue, it is one that is often easily solved. Too embarrassed to face the waiting room? Connect with one of our doctors right now. 


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Disclaimer: This article provides general information and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or medical condition. If you require specific advice, please consult one of our medical professionals through the app. However, in case of an emergency, please call 911.

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