14 Pregnant Facts Women Want Men to Know About Pregnancy

Last modified: June 6, 2019

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Most men may find it odd and even otherwordly when they learn that their partners get pregnant. They would have to make some major adjustments in their lives and they can only do so much to help their partners get through the entire pregnancy.

Plenty of men try, but they practically have no idea what’s it like when women are pregnant. So here are some of the things that women wish men knew about undergoing a pregnancy.

1. Support is Always Necessary During Pregnancy

Pregnant women will always need the support of their men in almost everything related to pregnancy. Men should always remember that another human being is growing inside that causes the depletion of the energy of the carrier, changes the body, and disarrays the emotions. Not to mention the painful experience of pushing out something as big as a watermelon through an opening as small as a lemon.

2. Compliments are Always Appreciated

Hearing men say that their partners look beautiful at least once a day goes a long way. Even the most beautiful pregnant women still need to hear their men appreciate their beauty. It lifts their spirits ups.

3. Acknowledge the Current Size of the Baby

Notice and get excited every week the baby gets bigger. If you don’t really notice any changes at all, just pretend. Women in pregnancy will appreciate it.

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4. Hormones are a Nightmare During Pregnancy

You may have heard it before, but surely never understood the gravity of it. Imagine yourself during your worst times while in puberty and multiply it by 10. That’s how women feel, so don’t take it personally if they suddenly start crying because she’s hungry.

14 Pregnant Facts Women Want Men to Know About Pregnancy

5. Pregnant Women are Not Disabled

Men should always offer to help carry things, but should also let women in pregnancy do things themselves when they insist on doing it. Insisting that they are not supposed to carry an almost weightless chair might set them off.

6. Pregnant Women are Always Tired

If you’re so excited to take her out to a movie or a concert, take into consideration the time that she usually sleeps now. She may have a much earlier bed time now that she’s in pregnancy.

7. Don’t Touch the Baby Bump During Sex

As the baby keeps on doing unbelievable stunts inside, feeling him/her do some kicks and punches while having sex is a major mood killer for both men and women.

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8. Avoid Saying the Words Big, Round, and Growing

Everybody knows that your partner is getting bigger and bigger. There really is no need to mention it at all. Lying is therefore completely appropriate this time to avoid hurting her feelings.

9. Men Should Avoid Touching Her Breasts During Pregnancy

Your partner’s boobs may have gotten much bigger than the usual size, but imagine if the same thing happened to your testicles in a few months’ time. Surely you won’t feel peachy. It’s best to just look unless she gives her permission. Even with permission, you should still proceed with the utmost caution.

10. Their Lady Parts Hurt

Think of it this way, if something is constantly growing and bearing down on your balls, what would you feel? That’s what women in pregnancy feel on their vagina.

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11. The Baby Can Arrive Anytime

Never ask if your partner can delay her delivery just because you have some championship game to go to. There is no specific day when the baby will arrive, unless you schedule a C-section.

14 Pregnant Facts Women Want Men to Know About Pregnancy

12. They are Frantic about Giving Birth

Everybody knows that giving birth is never a fun moment, so just stay calm and do whatever you want to do when the baby finally arrives. Just make sure not to shoot a video of it unless previously agreed upon by the both of you.

13. Celebrities are Unlike Us

If you see celebrities looking good despite giving birth just a few days ago, remind yourself that that’s not real life. They are a rarity.

14. No Sex After Giving Birth

Doctors always say that you shouldn’t have sex for six weeks after the delivery. For some, it may take longer. Each body is different from the other. Some new moms may be willing to give you regular heads, but some may be too tired so it’s best that you trust your hand to do magic while you wait until your partner is ready.

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