12 Healthy Habits to Look and Feel Younger

Last modified: August 2, 2019

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12 Healthy Habits to Look and Feel Younger

There are plenty of things that contribute to how old one person can feel. How you work, sleep, eat, spend your free time, think about aging and more are factors that affect how young or old you can feel. Here are 12 science supported healthy habits that will make you feel and look younger.

1. Be Organized

According to the US based eight-decade study called the Longevity Project, people who have well-organized lives tend to live longer than less careful ones.

The cited reasons were they avoid risky behavior and they look after their health better. This is definitely one of the healthy habits that can make you look younger because you’ll be ready when something out of the ordinary happens.

2. Go Shopping

People who shop regularly may live longer. A ten year study of around 2,000 people over the age of 65 in Taiwan found that men who shopped everyday had a 28 percent lower risk of dying early than those who shopped less. The risk reduction among women was 23 percent.

The mentioned factors that contributed to the reduction were social contact, better physical fitness, and better mental agility. So, give yourself a little treat every now and then. Remember that this is one of the healthy habits that can make you look younger and very happy, just like therapy.

12 Healthy Habits to Look and Feel Younger

3. Eat Curry

According to a research in Singapore, curry may enhance your mental abilities. They examined the diet of over 1,000 Indian villagers aged 60 to 93 and discovered that those who ate curry even for just twice a year had better scores on cognitive performance tests than those who didn’t eat curry.

The yellow spice in most curries called turmeric contains the plant chemical curcumin. It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and cholesterol-lowering properties.

4. Sing Together

It has recently been found in a US study of 68 older adults that those who joined a choir were in better health, used less medication, were less lonely, and had less falls after a year than a similar group of non-singers. The mentioned contributing factors were because of the impact of singing on breathing and the emotional benefits of giving voice in a crowd.

So regardless of your voice quality, as long as you enjoy singing, find the chance to sing with other people. Be it in a formal choir, at a family gathering sing-along, in church/temple, or in a crowd of thousands at football game. This is one of the healthy habits that can be very fun which can make you look younger than your real age.

12 Healthy Habits to Look and Feel Younger

5. Search the Web

Make sure to search the internet from time to time to keep your brain active. According to one study, people who made series of web searches showed increased activity in brain regions that control language, reading, memory, and visual ability.

Those who were already surfing the net regularly exhibited a remarkable increase in brain regions that deal with decision making and complex reasoning. So, you won’t be a bore at party conversations and you’ll make yourself look younger with such healthy habits.

6. Play with Your Grandchildren

Families in East London have been revealed to be getting multiple benefits to both older and younger generations from this kind of interaction. Playing with your grandkids will give you the chance to pass on family values and traditions and to teach practical skills.

And as what people usually say, spending happy times with younger people will make you feel and look younger. This is truly one of the most meaningful healthy habits that you should start as soon as you can.

7. Don’t Retire Young

The Longevity Project mentioned above has discovered that plenty of long-lived successful professionals worked well after retirement age. It has been instilled to most people that working hard can cause unhealthy levels of stress, but the research suggests that success can enhance well-being, even in demanding types of jobs.

If you are in good health, it would be best to not give up work entirely. Try to do some part time work. Keeping your brain active is definitely one of the healthy habits that can make you look younger.

8. Love Your Age

Think about aging in a positive and hopeful way. You’ll live longer if you do so. One US research surveyed how people aged 50 and over felt about a range of statements designed to evaluate their outlook in life. 30 years later, a follow-up revealed that those who viewed life positively had lived an average of 7.5 years longer than those who had a negative outlook on the future.

If you see your cup as half full, then you are more likely to have better coping tactics and will most likely seek support when you have problems. Start learning to love yourself more. It’s one of the healthy habits that can make you look younger and help you feel content.

12 Healthy Habits to Look and Feel Younger

9. Develop a Thick Skin

According to studies from Harvard, people who can weather hardships in life are more likely to live to a ripe old age. Mental resilience in the face of stress, anxiety, and depression is essential for survival as you get older. Developing healthy habits such as this is definitely essential to make you look younger and be triumphant in life.

10. Don’t Think You Need Less Sleep

It has been a common saying that you need fewer hours of sleep as you get older, which is not true according to scientific evidence. Sleep disorder experts discovered that having fewer than six hours of sleep per night can negatively affect your mood.

To get more sleep, try to go to bed and get up at around the same time every day. Developing such healthy habits can be very helpful. Don’t do any late night activities as well, even if it’s just checking your emails or watching TV. Remember that getting enough sleep can make you look younger because cells are repaired when you’re asleep.

11. Have Faith

Studies have shown that positive emotions linked with attending religious services like hope, forgiveness, joy, compassion, and gratitude can aid in the reduction of stress. It can also regulate the body chemicals that protect your body.

Researchers have also discovered that regular church attendance can add two to three years to your life. Possible reasons are because of faith or associated to the advantages of being in a community or having a feeling of purpose in life. Nothing is really for certain, but if you are a part of a certain religion or secular group, your health could benefit from taking time out every week to contemplate on life with people who have the same views in life.

12 Healthy Habits to Look and Feel Younger

12. Walk with Your Dog

Having a dog can give a physical and emotional boost. When you walk together, you don’t just improve your fitness, you also get protection against feelings of loneliness. The British study of dog walkers have reported that walking with their dogs regularly enhanced their sense of well-being. While walking their dog, they also usually met and chatted with others.

As a result, they feel happy with the social interaction. If you can’t have a dog on your own, try to accompany your friend while he/she is out walking with his or her dog. You can both benefit from healthy habits like this so you’ll both look younger and feel happier.

Before trying any of the above natural ways to look younger without Botox, talk with your doctor or a doctor online to ensure they are safe for you. 

Submitted by Dr. Richard Honaker: http://www.independentmedicalexaminer.com/IME-Directory/Virginia/Dr-Richard-A-Honaker-MD.asp

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